Homone Therapy Before da Vinci Procedure

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My doctor tells me that I would need three to four months of hormone therapy to shrink my prostate to the point where I would be able to have a da Vinci (robotic) surgery. I was told this by a leading doctor in the field and I have no reason to disbelieve him, but I cannot find anything, anywhere about prostates being too large for a da Vinci procedure.

Anyone been told the same thing? Anywhere I might find more information?

I am 56, Gleason 6, T1c.



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    hormone therapy
    Hey there wwb, I am 54, G=6 and they say T2a. Nothing outside the capsule, no symptoms, only PSA of 4.35, hence the T2 rating. I did in fact ask my Dr if I need to be taking anything b4 my surgery date to shrink my prostate or make it more softer or something. He told me a resounding no. That I was in fact a great candidate because I only had 1 of 12 core samples 20% involved .I am hoping to get a date for surgery in May sometime, I only know the month, no day as of yet. They will plug me into the system and schd me. Good luck to you
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    Prostate information
    Like so many of you, we were devastated to get a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer (no symptoms prior). We quickly found out that you have to become knowledgeable overnight - and it seems everyone is telling you something different. My fiance just 'wanted it out'! So, we saw a surgeon first, who he was more than willing to schedule surgery with...but I wanted to explore ALL the options first. Okay, this is what we found out: the surgeon at Emory wanted to do a radical prostatectomy although he mentioned 'robot assisted' there was still a large incision and long recovery. We went to the "Prostate Center" who was always sending out brochures which 'sounded good'...they ALWAYS do the seeds then you are followed every day for weeks on end, with radiation. We saw the radiologist at Emory who wanted to start (that day) with Hormones, then a course of radiation. We then went to Duke University who has a Team of doctors who meet with you - each from different areas of expertise (surgery, radiation, and medication)- they each go over your case, then confer with each other in a conference room, and present their recommendation. All in one day. The way it should be done. Although they have two DaVinci Robotic machines at Duke, we were able to find Dr. Scott Miller in Atlanta who pioneered this procedure in Georgia. I cannot overstress how grateful we are to him - my fiance had his procedure on Tuesday, came home Wednesday, did have to wear a catheter for a few days, had that removed, and had leakage for a few days after that...and THAT WAS IT. He had no real pain afterward, he was his old self within 2 weeks of surgery with absolutely NO SIGN that he ever had prostate surgery (none whatsoever). This was almost 2 years ago and his PSA's are always 0 now. It is not a 'death sentence', it isn't the end of the world, it is a 2 week inconvenience at worst. Do your homework, find a good doctor (I cannot over recommend our Dr. Scott Miller - Atlanta Urology) and things will be fine - actually better, because you will NEVER have to worry about Prostate Cancer again.

    I also wanted to note that the doctors at Duke did say NEVER to do the Hormone route...it never helps.

    I hope this offers some help and I wish the very best to you all...
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    shrinking prostate before surgery
    I have not heard this about the prostate however it was a problem with my gall bladder which was done via lapro. The organ is removed thru your belly button and as I recall it has to be grasped thru the instrument and squeezed small to fit.
    I'm assuming that is true for the prostate as well, same belly button as before.

    After 3+years no problems except for the oft mentioned leakage however ED is a problem with no improvement. haven't used Cialis or Viagra in a long time, have the external pump but talk about a non spontaneous activity, you just hope the batteries outlast your impatience and you don't fall asleep! jj
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    Size matters?
    Just wonder how large your prostate is. Mine was 4.5cm x 5.0cm x 3.0cm (2 inches largest dimension) and they removed it no problem.
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    Hormone Therapy
    My radiation (proton beam) therapy in 1994 was successful despite the fact that my PSA on initial diagnosis was 102.6 and the cancer had almost certainly spread outside the prostate. I have since read that my success may be due to the fact that I was on hormone therapy for 6 months before radiation while I was trying to decide what to do.

    Hormone therapy kills cancer cells, shrinks tumors and, possibly, eliminates some metastatic cells. My cancer, from DRE, shrunk to less than half its initial size because of hormone therapy. In your case the surgical margins would be less likely to be cancerous if you had the prior period of hormone therapy.

    Good Luck, Wolf