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kidney Survivor

Hello my name is Jim have been a Cancer Survivor for Two Years Now..They found a cist on my only Kidney it was Then verified by a M ri which confermed that.They told me the only Choice was that i had to have Kidney Surgery.So they Operated on me in Early Aprilthey Found i Had A cist that was a 5 cetimeter Tummor..The Surgery took about ten Hours to do it was in a real trickey one were it was Located . Was in the Hospital at Fredder Hospital in Milwaukee, Wis
was there a Week cannot tell how i appreciate the care and compassion that i received there..
and to continue i was sent to a nursing home for amonth of Rehab and sent home Slowly improved every day .. AS of my Checkup it went as gud as can be accepted and doing wellihave onyly 40 Percent function but a lot better than when i wen't in. I am grateful to all my Doctors and Surgens were wonderful no dought that wih out them i would not be here talking about it today.. SO there is always hope and never giveup no matter how hard it gets it will get better if you do everything they tell you to do it really does work if you work it.. and Follow your diet and exercise no matter what just consider a new life style. I hope this Brings some hope for SOmeone . Gud luck too all and God Bless...

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