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Cervical Cancer - the Beginning

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I'm new to blogging and to cancer. I still have a hard time saying it...I have cancer. I had an abnormal pap. They repeated it and sent me to a OB.GYN. Had a coposcopy and then a conization. Then the dreaded news...It's cancer. I know that I have to have a radical hysterectomy with the removal of lymph nodes. I'm really scared of radiation and chemo. I would love any words of advise and encouragement. Susan

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Dear Susan, we all got the dreaded news and most of us have had different types of treatments but as I looked at it, the treatments were giving me more time. You don't know what staging yet do you? It is scary to not know how things are going to go but just keep writing to all of us here and read how we have all dealt with issues as they came around.

When will you know about a hysterectomy and did you get a second opinion?
I write under the Uterine boards most of the time, but I check other places also we are all in it together no matter what cancer we have.

Living with hope,

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I have really come to like this site. Not only is it a good resource, the chat room has helped me deal with this. I don't know what satge it is yet. I've looked at the pathology report but so much of it is greek to me. I think they speak another language. I'll feel better hopefully after Thursday. At least then I will know more. Like you said, the not knowing is very difficult.

I worry about my children. I have three, two girls, 17 and 15, and a little boy, who's 8. My 17 year old's father died of Hodgkins Lymphoma just before I had her. To her, cancer is a death sentence. He only lived 4 months after diagnosis. He was in the UK, I was in the states. So I didn't see what he went through.

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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Hello, I think to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, it's a death sentence. We are all scared. Staying positive helped me a lot and I was determined to beat it, there was no other option.Remember you want to be there for your children. They will be your strength and you will be theirs. Any questions you have,don't hesitate to ask. GOD BLESS..

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