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claritin for bone pain from Neulasta shot

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Claritin does work for the bone pain from the Neulasta shot. I took one around 6pm last night and this morning I feel a lot better some aches but not like yesterday. They told me to take it for 5 days after the shot.


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Glad that's working. I didn't have to have the neulasta shots but I did hear from many that it caused a lot of aches. Hugs, Lili

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Margo, so glad that the claritin worked for you. Mimi said it did for her as well. I will be buying some this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

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I took Tylenol or Advil immediately after the Neulasta shots and it worked for me. Sometimes the flu-like symptoms (aches, fever) lasted 1-2 days and other times it lasted 6 days. Glad that you found something that works for you.

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Bumping this up!

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Bumping this up!

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This old thread might help you gobluegirl. I just saw it.

Sue :)

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I went in to more detail on another post just like this one a minute ago.

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people who had every **side affect** known to man or shall I say - Oncologist's. I was sick for 5 days straight after every neulasta injection ...

A warm bath sometimes helped me relax in the evenings .. my muscles also relaxed.

God Bless you all currently taking neulata injections ...


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