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looking for friends new to site

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hi im 25yrs old i have AML diagnosed march of 08 had a relapse in jan of 2009 im just wondering is there anyone else out there in my age group or close to my age going through what im goin through i feel so alone like im the only one if anyone out there is goin through the same thing please get back at me leave comments on your experiences of AML or other cancers you might have thanks

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I'm new to here too. I had thyroid cancer which is very treatable and I'm done with treatment now, but I sent you a friend req. I hope you're doing ok. I can also be reached on myspace at www.myspace.com/sevencomeelevengirl

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My name is Andrea Rivera and I am 24 years old. I am a survivor of medullablastoma, which is a form of brain cancer. I was diagnosed July 4,2007. I had my surgery 7/07/07. I have also had chemo and a lot of radiation. Everyday is different, but I have hope and much support.

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so im still on the waitin list for my bone marrow transplant they found 3 possible matches im very scared has anyone had a bone marrow transplant i need some advice i am very scared to go thru with it idk what the outcome will be

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my nephew was diagnosed with a medullablastoma on memorial day, 4 days later on his 27th bithday he had surgery that was may 29. today is about 12 days post op. he is not doing good at all. he can barely open his eyes. he was better 3 days after surgery but has declined since, because of fluid and a blood clot. we are unbelievably devastated. cinfused and scared. any advise on whwt to do next? alise

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I discovered I had a brain tumor when I was 25. I had an astrocytoma in my right frontal lobe. I had surgery March 23, 2007. I also had radiation and chemotherapy. What kind of treatments are your nephew going through? The medications that a person takes also has a huge effect on how a person feels and how they function. I was on steroids because my brain was so swollen the right hemisphere was pushing into the left hemisphere; the steroids caused me to retain so much fluid that I was unable to walk at times and needed a cane and eventually a walker. I had to be checked for blood clots several times because I was in severe pain. I think that was actually neuropathy. The neuropathy was itself was so severe that I could only wear spandex because anything else rubbing against my leg was much too painful.

He might be having a lot of side effects from treatments, surgery, and meds. You might be forgetting that having brain surgery is an incredibly difficult thing to bounce back from. I personally was completely exhausted. I was discharged from the hospital less than 24 hrs after having surgery but it was still quite exhausting.

So, you asked for advice on what to do next...I say that you just take care of your nephew's family without getting in the way of their own personal needs/yourself and your family and pray.

Take Good Care of Yourself,


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