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Abscess Tooth....

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...Well, it sure wasn't a mouth sore that I been having, it's an absessed wisdom tooth, I was at the dentist today since the pain was in the jaw, and I still could barely open my mouth, but I have to have it pulled on Monday, and am scared to death! I never had a tooth pulled before, he gave me antibiotics for the infection, and got together with my onc, who called me and said I wouldn't have to come for chemo this following Wednesday, she'd rather me recover from the absess and the infection from the tooth and extraction, then gave me a week break, I don't have to have chemo till the 18th now, so I get an extra week! I asked her if postponing it a week like that would be safe for me, and she said it would be just fine, and wouldn't hurt me. Gosh, how scary to have an infection at a time like this.

Hope all has a good weekend!



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When it rains, it pours! Sorry for the wisdom tooth issue. I had all four impacted when I was in high school and removed by an oral surgeon. Not fun, I'm sorry to say, at least I was out completely. Glad your med crew is on top of these things.

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I'm sending hugs to you. I am so sorry to hear about your tooth. I know your family will rally around you and give you a lot of love. I'll be thinking about you. I am glad to hear the docs were talking to each other.

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No, Just kiddin.....I hope everything goes fine and it will then you can get back on the treatment and get them over with also...Good luck with the tooth.....God Bless ya....

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Well, I don't think there's anything quite as nasty as an abscessed tooth, no matter where it is in your mouth!! And to think you thought this was a mouth sore caused by the chemo. Well, you can look at the bright side... no matter what symptoms you get from the chemo, they probably won't be as bad as that darn old abscess! :)

Definitely, good idea to get that infection taken care of prior to Treatment #3. For starters, I don't think you would have been able to stand the pain getting any worse, so it HAD to be looked after. Then, since it is an infection, you don't want to have an infection while also being on chemo, which weakens your immune system. Yikes... that you don't need... to have a weak immune system while trying to fight an infection!

Sure glad you went to the dentist, Donna!!



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I had one - two actually, not during chemo. I am sure that taking a week off of chemo and having it removed will bring you much needed relief.


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Lucky you, you get to have a tooth pulled instead of chemo!!!!
Only kidding! I wish you luck, I'm sure they will make you nice and numb!
Let us know how you make out!

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Oh, I'm sorry you're having to deal with this, on top of everything else. Doesn't seem quite right! I'll put you right on my prayer list for tonight.


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Wow so sorry to hear of your tooth. It's a good thing you went in now. They will give you enough medicine to numb it so you won't feel it. Good luck!


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I am colon also. My Primary care Dr found nothing wrong with me, Even as i keep losing weight it was my teeth I have Peridonal and this is how The cancer was found. Donna you well be OK honey. The tooth is nothing they are good now. Chemo is a little harder. But you can do it. I am now in 11 months not fun but we get through it, Stay Positive My Love and Prayer is with you

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I had that too, came out without a hitch. My dentist had no problem pulling my teeth, they actually came out very easily. It felt soooo much better too. Hopefully you will have it out without a problem.

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I went to have the tooth pulled, but because it's so far back and near my jaw, I now need to have the oral surgeon remove it, so that will be on Wednesday, and he said he will drug me up real good where I won't feel a thing.. I swear, I can go through child birth, and would rather have chemo then have mouth pain, I'm a chicken when it comes to my teeth..thanks for the confidence though that everyone has given me, I'm just such a baby with mouth pain, but at least it will be done before the chemo #3 next week..the antibiotics though I been have lessened the pain somewhat, so kind of looking forward to just getting this stupid tooth taken care of! :)

Hugs to all!

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HI Donna,

Hope all goes well on Wednesday with getting the tooth taken out. My wisdom teeth were removed surgically when I was 18, as they were impacted and pushing up under the roots of my molars, causing problems. It was not fun, but I had all four removed at once- hopefully one being removed won't be too bad. After you heal, it will be better to have the thing out of there!

Although I didn't have an abscess, I did have problems with my teeth during chemo. I think they're okay for now, but I've had fillings replaced and ended up needing a crown for a tooth that completely rotted away from the inside out. I've always had very good oral/teeth health & so I was shocked when I needed to have this done. I think it could be an affect from the chemo. Also, having dry mouth from the chemo can take a toll on your teeth, I've heard. So, keep up with the mouth wash for that and beware of any little toothache in the future.

I'll be thinking of you Wednesday- I was a baby with my mouth pain too- I don't know why, but I was. You can do it- BE STRONG!!


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Hey Donna
good luck wed. I also have prob with my teeth due to chemo... I have had gum grafts done and still have to do more! ouch!!! they take the gums from the roof of your mouth and add it to the effected areas! NOT FUN!!!!! I'll be thinking of you on Wed,. You'll be nice and numb!

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Hi Donna
Sorry about your tooth problem and having to prolong your chemo treatment by one week, best to get your teeth taking care off, do not need any more problems then what you aready have.
I have not had any teeth problems, but do need to get then cleaned. Lost all my back teeth during each pregnancy. Do not want to loose what I do have.
praying for you and no pain. Irene

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I hear you on the whole dentist thing. I broke both my jaws, had three teeth knocked out and had to have several surgerys to get things better. I still have bad dreams about my teeth. Not once have I had a bad dream about cancer, chemo, surgery, or anything. But sure enough, two or three time a month I have dreams about losing my teeth. I don't know if you ever saw the movie castaway with tom hanks but he has to knock one of his teeth out with an ice skate. To this day I close my eyes when that scene comes on. Oh well, I'm gonna have to take the low road on this one and say better you than me. JK, I'm sure everything will go smooth and you'll be back to kicking cancers butt soon enough.

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