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I had a radical perineal prostatectomy Sep 2008. Since the operation, I’ve experienced pain and a burning sensation in the area where the incision was made. Relief from the pain is accomplished by sitting in a recliner with my legs elevated and pain pills. Anyone else had this problem?


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    Post Op Irritation
    Oh boy I know what you mean by frustration in solving the question of post op pain. My surgery was retropubic. My incision started itching and forming keloid scar tissue. I have had relief from the itching after using a balm called Scar Zone. I got it off the shelf in the drugstore. I also had lingering irritation around the anus for which the nurse recommended desinex to help keep the area protected from wetness. I also use a sheet of t-p to absorb sweat. It stays in place without adhesive. I still have trouble sitting as pressure between the sit bones is very uncomfortable. My surgery was in early November, 2009.