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Mouth Sores

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My Dad just started Tarcevea. He was doing great for about 5 days, now has bad mouth sores, diarrhea and hives. If anyone has experienced this, I was wondering if you have any good remedies for the mouth sores and hives. I was also wondering if, since he takes the pills everyday, will these side effects go away or will they continue as long as he is taking these pills. Thanks for your help.

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First off, contact the doctor, if this is an allergy they need to know and adjust meds. Second, for mouth sores they gave me prescription BMX it is maylox and lidocain. You swish with it and in a few days things are much better. Ask doc first but what about benadryl for hives? Good luck. Meds can got wither way, either you get used to them and the side effects lessen or you build them up in your system and the side effects get worse. Know one really knows. I was the lucky one that had just about every side effect available. I have scripts for mouth sores, lip blisters, skin rash, you name it I had it. But... I survived.

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I just recently re-started Tarceva with a lowered dosage and an every-other-day schedule because I had a pretty strong reaction to it originally. I didn't suffer mouth sores, but I did have hives, just a few on my arm; my face swelled, eyes watered and itched, nose ran, plus I had the traditional Tarceva rash that began to peel....not a pretty sight! The upshot is I've gone and had a facial peel without setting foot in a spa...

The point of that is - the oncologist on call did tell me to try Benadryl, so it may be worth a shot. Ask, though.

The prevailing wisdom is that the rash at least, will resolve eventually, and the diarrhea can be controlled. I happen to be taking iron, too (a little anemic), so I'm not having much trouble with my stomach :)

Good luck!

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I used Miracle MOuthwash Just swish around in mouth and spit out worked immediately on me, but not sure if he can call dr. Hope all is well
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