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Elke W
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Joined: Feb 2009

Well I have cancer, had surgery & still really angry about the whole thing! My problem became my own. I pushed family & friends away.Now I finally realized & accepeted it.Quite the emotional roller coaster we go through...

slickwilly's picture
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First I am sorry you have cancer. And your not alone with the emotional roller coaster. I guess there are many reasons we will push our family away. Or just not tell them everything that is going on. But eventually we develope some coping skills and start dealing with things. I would like to know more of what is happening with you. The type of cancer and where you are at with your treatments. You really don't have to be alone if you want to come on here and talk. I can't imagine anything much worse than going through cancer by yourself. If you don't like being on the open pages of the discussion boards just send an e-mail to Slickwilly and I'll add you to my list. I had Non Hodgkins Lymphoma 5 years ago and now help others that are dealing with cancer. I hope things will start getting better for you. Slickwilly

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