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procrit...price increase???

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my mom has been taking procrit (40,000) for the past 6 months. the last time she got her prescription filled (december '08) the cost for the 4 vials was $400. today when she went to get a refill, the pharmacy said the cost would be $700. ouch. after contacting the insurance company (oxford/aarp), they said the coverage for the drug has not increased from last year. and from my research so far i have not found any retail cost increases either. so how on earth can the price increase so dramatically?!??! but the oncologist has said she does not have an urgent need for it since her hemoglobin levels are at a decent level (>11.1 right now) so im not too worried right, but im thinking in the future we might have to get the prescription filled again. anyone try to get their procrit presciption filled and have seen a price increase too?
many thanks

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but I wanted to welcome you to the boards! I see you joined in November, but have just begun posting! I am sorry your mother is going through this, but am glad she has you as an advocate for her. I am wondering, you paid $400 as you CO-PAY? and now it's gone up to $700? Or is it just that your co-pay is dependent on the cost of the drug, so it's gone up? I am darn lucky my co-pays for prescriptions are $3 for a month generic, $9 for a month name-brand.

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Hi, i just wanted to comment.. if your mom is getting procrit and is being treated toward a cure.. i would ask the doctor why she is getting it. You could google it..there is lots of info on there on why it is not recommended anymore..my doc will still give it to stage IV patients if they are terminal..but not to stage IV patients who have a chance of cure.. and no stage 1, 2 or 3 patients.

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