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pain pump

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Husband home had pain pump reduced on the 10th of feb due to vomiting Iv given at home by hospice.he has tried all the nausea meds available nothing helping he will drink some water 20 min later he is vomitng this is every day .He is eating very little can't keep anything down. It is heartwrenching to see him vomiting so much. he is so thin weak pale .The doctors said this pain pump will give him a better quality of life well its not doing that.The hospice nurse did say this could be the desease it self. I just wanted him not to suffer at the end of his life but its not working out like we thought. He's is not in pain thank god but the vomiting is just terrible for him.Hospice is coming 3 x a week to give iv fluid threw the chest port. he does feel a little better after the ivs but later on he throws up all the fluid they just gave him. this is so hard to see him like this.All he wanted to do was get stronger just to ride the harley one more time. He can't even do that. Last nite i wasn't feeling good myself 1.30 am he said the bag was leaking and it was so i began to change it and then i started vomiting then he started vomiting that was so weird.I feel better today am at work. My husbands family are there with him during the day thank god. I wish he wasn't so nauseated thats his only problem he would be ok if he wasn;t vomiting 10 xs a day. please pray for him. thank you all for your support


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I'm so sorry your husband is going through this, it must be awfully hard on the both of you. I don't know how you, him or the hospice feel about marijuana, but it really has helped numerous people with the nausea. I will pray for you both that he gets back on his Harley.

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we have already tried that but the vomiting continues

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I'm sorry to hear that. What a dreaded disease this is...

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for the update. I knew it was really hard since we hadn't heard from you. I am glad Angel isn't in pain, but the vomiting has to be horrible for him as well as you and the rest of his loved ones. I continue to pray for you.

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My heart really goes out to you two; you are in such great pain.
Philleg may have a good suggestion; truly hope Angel gets better
enough to ride his Harley.

Hugs and Prayers,

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Did hospice try Scopolamine Patches behind the ear? These are used for motion sickines and dry up fluids in the mouth and throat. They go behind the ears and stay on for 48-72 hours. You can use up to 3-4 patches and it's used by hospice in this area. Anything is worth the try, right. Praying for you both!

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Dear Michelle,
I am thinking about you and Angel and praying for you. I hope the vomiting goes away and you can both have some peace.

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It's terrible that they aren't doing more to control this, seems like a guessing game with hospice if they think this "could" be part of the disease. My husbands grandfather died of this years ago, and his pain was managed very well with NO vomiting, I wish they'd try and do more for him, what about another doctor, or something? I know how helpless you must feel, I feel horrible for you, and think there should be a better way of managing the quality of his life. You are both in my prayers, and hopefully this horrible vomiting does stop already!

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Hi Michelle,

I had been wondering how it's been going, since we haven't heard from you in a while. As others have already said, I'm glad he's not in actual pain, but am so sorry about the vomiting. Take care of yourself and God bless- I am continuing to pray for you and Angel.

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Michelle this must be so so difficult for both you and Angel and his family. Thinking of you all the time.


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I am sorry what you & your husband are going thru with this I will be prying for you bothe
and hope this vomiting stops soon


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Hi there- are you telling me that there are no IV meds that can help??? IV Zofran, IV Reglan? Even IV Compazine. There must be something. They can show you how to administer it and you can do it 'round the clock. Was that offered? I want so much for him to feel better. He deserves NOT to feel so sick. You guys are in my prayers.


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tried them all

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Oh sweetie, my heart just breaks for you and your husband. I wish I had a solution so he wouldn't have to suffer so. Please, keep badgering his doctors and care team for something to help him; there must be something they have yet to try. You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs and healing thoughts,

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