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What Now? Radiation? Please Help!!

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Three weeks ago I had a partial gastrectomy. I had stage II T3 gastric cancer. I had 3 rounds of Epirubicin, Cisplatin and Fluorouacil pre surgery and the plan was 3 rounds after surgery. Well I had the surgery but the chemo had no effect on the tumor. Technically I have no cancer, the tumor was removed and 22 lymph nodes removed had no cancer. Now I was given three options. Continue the chemo as planned, 3 rounds after surgery. Have chemoradiation for 5 weeks. Do both chemotherapy and radiation or do no further treatment and just monitor my health. Other than a little stomach cancer I am a very healthy 46 year old person. Very physically active and a super healthy eater even after having 75% of my stomach removed. Please share any experiences or advice. My oncologist said if he had a time machine he would have done the radiation pre surgery. Now what? I am really concerned about the effects radiation could have on my new little stomach. Thanks for any help, Teresa

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If it were me I would do the 3 additional rounds of chemo. Did you have a hard time with the first 3 rounds? If not, I would do it as a pre-caution. Everything I read says that stomach cancer has a very high recurrence rate so the xtra rounds might help. However with that being said, I do understand that some people do not want anymore chemo than necessary. So I understand both sides.

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Tonia11, Thanks for your thoughts. Actually that was the origianl plan, chemo, surgery, chemo. During surgery they could not see any effect to the tumor from the chemo, but I had no cancer in the lymph nodes so there was no definite conclusion as to wheter the chemo worked or not. I did very well during chemo. Lost my hair but no biggie. I did and still am doing a lot of juicing and eating a lot of raw fruits and veggies, also taking supplements suggseted by a nutritionist. Fruits and vegetables are rich in glutathione which helps to detox your liver. Your liver can use all the help it can get during chemo. I am not a doctor but from personal experience? I know this helped me get through my chemo.
Be well, Teresa

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