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Nexavar treatments

Candi M
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Joined: Feb 2009

My husband is one month into a 12-month regimen of targeted therapy of Nexavar for renal cell carcinoma. He has had many side effects already, some of the quite severe. What can we expect over the next year?

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Hi Candi,

I don't have expierence with nexavar yet, however, I would like to hear from others to. How is your husband doing? What kind of side effects does he have? Also how is this taken? (like 1 or 2 pills aday for a month or does he get a break in the cycles?) See my doctor is thinking of putting me on it since nothing else seems to work. I am having a hard time finding others on this. Also is your husband clear cell or papillary or chromophobe? I dodn't mean to pry, but all of the info I can get will help me in the end and it'll help others to. Thanks so much!


Anita jo
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Joined: Jun 2009

my husband started taking nexavar he took it for about amonth he had so many complications
they had to take him off of it . he has renal carcenomia stage 4 all ready moved to his lungs and back .the drs says there is no hope .BUT DEEP DOWN IN MY HEART I KNO THERE IS HOPE

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If you feel that there is hope please go to the www.kidneycancer.org site and sign up and go to the forum. There you can read some of the peoples stories and medications and procedures, etc. they take,took,and may take in the future. you may find the site helpful. You can also ask questions.My husband too was never sick and a big strong strapping guy and boom it happened very quick. It has been a whirlwind. I think you wont feel so alone if you check out the site and maybe call the hot line. Good luck and God Bless. You are in my prayers.

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