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birad score of 4

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Should I be concerned with a birad score of 4. This is all so new to me and since I have already had cancer as a child in my thyroid I am scared, but I have been cancer free for 33 years. Could it be just cysts? I am prone to cysts and where they are looking out on my right breast I did have a lump removed from there over 20 years ago which was benign. This is a wonderful site and everyone is great. This is my 2nd question since joining less than a week ago and everyone is so helpful. Thank you again Kathy

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I'm sorry Kathy that I'm not familiar with a birad score. I do know that you are a warrior and a super woman to be a 33 year survivor. You know that the devil also puts blocks in front of us that he wants us to fear, so we just have to look to God to get us through. After being such a strong woman maybe this will be nothing, If it is you will still come out stronger yet. We are glad you are a part of us, keep us posted and God Bless You
Love , prayers, and hugs hugs, hugs,

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thank you for your wonderful thoughts

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This is the scale. Unfortunately, a 4 is still one of those "could be anything" numbers. I mean 3 to 94% is a huge range so unfortunately you would have to have a biopsy to "know" anything.

0 Incomplete Your mammogram or ultrasound didn't give the radiologist enough information to make a clear diagnosis; follow-up imaging is necessary
1 Negative There is nothing to comment on; routine screening recommended
2 Benign A definite benign finding; routine screening recommended
3 Probably Benign Findings that have a high probability of being benign (>98%); six-month short interval follow-up
4 Suspicious Abnormality Not characteristic of breast cancer, but reasonable probability of being malignant (3 to 94%); biopsy should be considered
5 Highly Suspicious of Malignancy Lesion that has a high probability of being malignant (>= 95%); take appropriate action
6 Known Biopsy Proven Malignancy Lesions known to be malignant that are being imaged prior to definitive treatment; assure that treatment is completed

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Thank you that 3 to 94% just made me wonder. That is really a wide range and it really does not tell you much other than yes it could be, but it might not be. I see the specialist this Friday. Thanks again this site is great and everyone is wonderful and caring it is so appreciated!

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