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lung cancer

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hi anyone
can anyone give me some advice my mum has told me she has non small cell lung cancer i want to know if you can beat this , i what to talk to people who have and are going through the same thing .she's not told me a lot cause i've not asked all i know is that they can not remove it with surgery shes having cemo and radio therapy but doctors what to rescan her on tuesday before cemo starts and we don't know why ,i'm finding this very difficult to talk about just want some help and advice to be strong for her and me

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I haven't had first hand experience with this particular disease but I have with cancer in general. Cancer is very much beatable! Miracles do happen, remember that. Hug her. Tell her you love her of course and state very firmly that you will be there. Sometimes just knowing she has someone to hug her and love her during the highs and the lows can help more than you think. Make mom dates. As we get older and start to branch out from our parents they get very lonely and feel forgotten. My moms been feeling this since I've moved to college and been mostly independent with my own job and what have you. So to make up for it I invite her to go to the movies on my night off or find stuff like free plays to go to or even just lunch in between work and classes. She appreciates them and I know your mom will too. If you live farther away send care packages. Snail mail is becoming more outdated and so sending a tangible package is even more meaningful than it used to be. Cards work as well. If you're walking through wal mart swing by the cards and just pick up a thank you or thinking of you card and send it! Write a nice long something in there. A found memory of you two that'll make her smile. Smiling and laughing relieves stress and calms the blood pressure it's true so try to make her smile and laugh as often as possible.

Overall just listen and ask questions unless she doesn't really want to talk about which you should still try a few days later when the time is right. Dealing with doctors is difficult and can be really confusing. I get so lost with 4 syllable words and I'm and english major! I'm also a Mission Education chair with my Relay here and know of programs like I Can Cope that is an actual class that is informative and dispels the myths of cancer. Try finding one of those in your area to attend, it's free!

I hope this helped. I kind of rambled... Good luck! I enjoy talking so feel free to reply here or with a message.

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Bbbear88. I am a father of three daughters that did much of what you described in your post. When I had cancer it was those little letters that meant so much that they would bring tears to my eyes. 6 years out I still have them in a drawer in my bedroom. You are a very caring young woman and your parents must be quite proud of you. Slickwilly

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Cancer can be beat. Sometimes it takes time. I have heard of people being cured of small lung cell cancer. Positive attitude, getting it early the response of treatments all have to do with what happens. But yes any cancer can be curable. I am an ovarian cancer patient and have chemo for 7 years off and on so mine is controllable. My husband had lung cancer stage 4 large cell and they told us small cell was easier to treat and cure. But bbbear88 is right do those things for MOm and it will give her encouragement no matter what she goes thru. Sometimes when we are weak and chemoed out we dont feel like talking. Just say MOm feel like talking today and she may or not. All of you daughters are wonderful to be so condiderate. God Bless Ya.
Prayers and Hugs

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thank you... I hope this helps hun. Take it from the survivors themselves above. They know it best. Love is the greatest gift of all. Good luck! *hugs and prays as well*

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Hi enaismith,

my name is barbra. My husband passed away in 2007 of non small cell lung cancer. I can only say if the doctor had actually looked at the xray sooner he would probably be alive today. And also the fact that a couple of doctors decided to wait and watch the fog that showed up on the xray instead of doing surgery. Again I think he would still be here today. We went 2 1/2 years of treatment and all was doing good. I got every bit of information I could on non small cell, and I do know that it is the faster growing of the small cell and non small cell. But please never give up hope. Make sure that every possible option is taken and if surgery becomes available don't hesitate. You make sure your mom is getting the best that she can possibly get. Don't wait for the doctors to have a meeting, you tell them what you want done.
I have a mother who is a 5 year survivor of breast cancer, lost my husband in 07 to non small cell, a brother in 08 to lung and a sister in 09 to tongue. I just wish you all the very best. Remember laughter is the best medicine. And never ever give up hope.
My prayers to you and yours

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