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When is CT scan

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I went to have my pump put on today for the 11th time...finally I'm near the end, I can't wait, but now I'm beginning to think of the other tests coming up. Can someone tell me how soon after chemo ends do you go in for a CT scan? My onc. told me to wait 1 month after chemo to have the colonoscopy, is that normal? Are there any other tests that are normally done?

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All of us are different but in my case, I had my last treatment
on Dec. 8 and had my CT scan done on Dec. 3 and a PET scan done
on Dec. 19. the CT scan showed no activity and the PET scan was
ok too and my CEA bloodwork was normal. The oncologist has ordered
a CT Scan every two months this year following a liver resection
and 8 chemo treatments after surgery and 4 chemo treatments before
surgery. The surgery was done July 08. My next CT scan is Feb.
12. I am due to have a colonoscopy in April. I am really anxious
about the results of the Feb. scan since it is the first one following
any chemo; it has been two months. Hope the old immune system is
doing its thing.

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