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Hi. My husband has a GBM. WAs diagnosed over one year ago..had chemo. Temodar and radiation, and surgery. We started him on DCA, extremely low dosage. We are now on a little over 300mg/kg. he weighs approx. 170lb. Recently, I'v noticed weakness in his right side..hand, arm, leg with some shaking. He was doing well, in fact 3 days after the DCA, we noticed that his langiuage abililty inproved and even began to have more stamina and was less sluggish in walking.

I'd like to know if anyone out there has had experience with DCA and how you are doing with it. I do not know if the increased weakness and increased cognitive difficulty is due to the DCA . His tumor has been progressing and his symptoms prior to the DCA. We did have some small areas of bleeding detected in the tumor which is new to us as of this Dec. His tumor was grade 4

We are praying for a miracle. If there are any suggestions out there or input, I would greatly appreciate it. We are also taking various supplements.

Thank you,


This is difficult time for so many of us. You will also be in my prayers.

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My husband has not been on that drug, but if the tumor is progressing, bleeding etc, the problems he is having is probably the tumor not the drug. Is the tumor located near the motor strip? This new occurence of my husband's is, and he will have motor skill problems from time to time even if he has not had a seizure. His hand or arm will not do what he wants, or his leg will give out.How long ago was he diagnosed?

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My husband was diagnosed 14 months ago. Tumor is located near left temporal lobe crossing mid frontal brain area. There are some possible side affects such as spasms, some tumor bleeding if the DCA is effective, and some other possible temporary memory/cognitive problems. But it is a new drug been trialed for cancers and many doctors do not know much about DCA. Let me know if anything else is helpful.


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You might want to post this question at www.thedcasite.com to get more feedback

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I've been watching the progress of DCA for over a year now and have some sitting on my dresser. I'm afraid to try it, but I believe in it. So have you been taking it with strong coffee and B1? Have you had an MRI since you've been taking it? I think I'm going to buck up and give it a try right before my resection and new Chemo regiment which will include Gliodel wafers, Avastin, and CP-11.

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I am in India. From where i can buy DCA?

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