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Great news!

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Good news

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Joined: Nov 2008

Dear Everyone,

I can never thank you enough for all your prayers. I had my colonoscopy this mornig-After being so sick for the past 3 months.
No Cancer in the colon,No polyps. I have sever Diverticulotis. Controled completely by diet.Tho Family history I must repeat every three years. Joke for my family and kids Besides chrohns and colon canacer now they must add Diverticulitis to the long list of intestianal problems. I feel all the prayers here and that my 6 brothers and sisters sent my way helped me to handle what eveer was going to happen today. What a great end to a horrible year. I have my life back. I will continue to check in every now and again. As you all have been so great in my dealing with the unknown.
God Bless
And Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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Dear Karen,

This is the best news--well kinda. You still have to deal with the diverticulitis, but that's controllable and you will take care of yourself, I know! Our prayers are still with you in dealing with it. Don't abandon us completely! Let us know how you are doing.


Posts: 43
Joined: Nov 2008

Thank you It was the best news. And not by choice but by having to my new years reseloutin-Eat more fiber and have begun- Diary and all. Now next step is the total hyster surgery to deal with the anemia. I am so thankfull for your prayers-with God all things are possable!

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Joined: Oct 2004

That is really awesome news and I am sure you are feeling the Lord's glory right now! Tough news to deal with diverticulitis, but I know you are happy it's not the beast! Hope your fight goes well and that you truly enjoy the new year!

Posts: 43
Joined: Nov 2008


Oh yes I have been thanking God every day since-Feels great to know what I can do to get better. Thank you for your prayers and support. I will still be checking in every now and again to see how everyones doing.

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Joined: Oct 2008


I am happy for you. My husband has had diverticulitis for years, and it is manageable. Do check in...we would like to know how you are doing.


Posts: 43
Joined: Nov 2008

Thank you vicki,

I do plan on checking in every now and again. This site was wonderfull-Wish I had known about it when my father was battaling his cancer. Already started the diet-ANd plan on staying on it for life. And soon surgey for the anemia-With hopes all that is benine-Have a wonderfull new year.

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Joined: Jul 2008

WOW! Wonderful news! I'm sure this whole experienced has changed your life as it has mine! Go in peace....I'm thanking God for the results and continued health :)

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Joined: Feb 2008

Fabulous! I know you have pain to deal with and such, but NO CANCER!!! Awesome!


Posts: 43
Joined: Nov 2008

Thank you as i stated before this site has been a god sent. All of you and your battles will forever remain in my prayers-As I am proof of the power of prayer.Have a blessed New Year

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Ok, not excellent that you have diverticulitis, but excellent that you don't have the beast!! Diverticulitis is PAINFUL, no doubt about it. I'm so happy that they now have a dx for you and can give you a plan to take that pain away! CONGRATULATIONS!!



Posts: 43
Joined: Nov 2008


Thank you-As of right now pain is secondary and something I will deal with.I am blessed tho with all the insight this post gave me. So wonderfull to have caring humans still left on htis planet. I will still be around.

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Karmar........Look, if there is ever any way that we could celebrate losing one of our semi colons this is the way we want it to end...disease free........God has Blessed you.....you experienced in real life what we wake up and hope not to find......Thank God that your dream came true...........makes me smile.......bigtime....... :-)

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Joined: Jul 2008

SOOO happy for you that it isn't cancer! Your diagnosis is what I was thinking I likely had prior to getting my cancer diagnosis. It's definitely something to deal with, but now you can move forward in treating it and not worrying about having cancer.
GOD BLESS YOU- what a relief for the New Year!

Posts: 43
Joined: Nov 2008


Thank you. I too think sometimes these days that is it the start-But now am on a plan of every 3 years for checkups(colonoscopys) due to family history.Funny tho-all I can do to deal with it is change my diet-I get to eat more-Just healthy-I truly belief all the prayers from all of you guys and family and friends helped more than anything else. When I called my Mom with news she was actually in church(on a monday) As she said her prayers were ansered that day. I will still be around to. And always keep everyone in my prayers.

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