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To all my Friend on this site

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It is with great regrets that I let you know that my wife, My Best Friend lost her battle with this terrible dease on Saturday December 27th at 2:00 pm. She was a great person who brought a smile to all she meet. I want to thank everyone that has given me inspiration, advice, and trully showed me How Lucky I was to find this site.

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where to begin-- It is of great sadness that we have to endure such a terrible time in our lives. It may seem so terrible now for you and you will have pretty hard times ahead but in time you will find comfort knowing that you were there for your wife and did all that you could, you supported, loved and held her in her time of need and she will forever be greatful to you. Have peace in knowing she is not suffering anymore and she may rest peacefully. I hope you were able to make some good holiday memories for you both.

It has been 4 months since mom passed and i am finally doing well, I do have my days and moments but time has gotten better it was hard near the holidays but I try to think of all the good memories and just always say she is not suffering i think that is what helps me the most is knowing she is not in any pain. It seems so easy for people to say at least shes not suffering i hated when people would say that to me but now i think about it and it just makes it easier to be without her and makes sense. Nothing anyone says or does will change the fact that she is not here anymore and cannot take your pain anyway but stay strong and focused on yourself because that is what your wife would want you to do is take care fo yourself and go on and be happy, be sad and grieve but remember she loved you dearly and you cannot take away your memories or the loved you share grow form this and go on in her memory now.

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I am so sorry, sir, to hear of your loss. While such a loss of one so loved and cherished is a burden at any time, I am sure that its occurence at this particular time of year only magnifies the grief.

I'm fairly certain that you are still in the immediate grieving process with much to do and much on your mind, and that what I am about to say will sound much too practical, but I ask you to consider, soon, the important job of devoting time to YOUR healing.

Regrettably, despite an obviously valiant effort, your wife was not able to heal. But you can, and you must. Do not let the cancer take a second victim. Do not be the cancer's second victim, my friend.

My condolences, and best wishes for the future.

Take care,


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There are no words that I can say that will ease your loss of such a dear one. My heart and soul go out to you! Remember your wife as the beautiful woman who held you so dear. I am so very sorry.


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You have our deepest sympathy sir. Our prayers are with you & yours through this time.

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Dear Dear MR_SAD ... I am so very sorry your wife lost her battle with this awful disease. My heart breaks for you. God knows how hard this is on those of us left behind, especially those who found themselves thrust into the role of caregiver through the really hard parts. Take comfort in the knowledge that she knew how much she was loved and would be missed. You gave her that and I feel sure it enabled her to move on in peace. Your peace will come.
Sending you prayers and a gentle hug ... Maw

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