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Whew! This day is OVER!!!!!

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So, today was my daughter's birthday. Hard to believe it's been 2 years that she has been gone. What did I do?

I went to DISNEYLAND (yesterday)!!!!!!

My other daughter Kristy and I went and enjoyed the Christmas spirit. And the fireworks. And the snow. (Hey, for we in Southern California, even FAKE snow is a big deal!!!!). There were some angels tucked along the way...a gal in a small tour car hailed us on Main Street and offered a ride down to Tomorrowland. Now, me being a Disneyland pro, I always walk, and said "Thank you". She persisted, and we climbed aboard. Turns out her name was Stephanie, just like my daughter's. She expressed sincere sadness as I told her why we were there, and then told us a few 'secrets' of Disneyland!!! Then, we by chance were passing the Golden Horseshoe Review when it was opening for the next show. In we went. (I must add, I have been going to Disneyland for over 40 years, and I've only been inside once before). This little angel told us to grab the 'best seats in the house' right next to the stage. We did. She later confided that this was the place that Walt Disney, himself, would sit when he wanted to watch the show....And the show...I've not laughed so hard in a very long time! It was GREAT!

The weather held, and the fireworks started. It's theme song? "Believe". Kristy and I stood arm in arm, both with tears. And then the lights softened, and it SNOWED!!!! I finally found the Christmas spirit I had lost, and still heard the soft sounds of Stephanie's laughter in my mind...

Hugs, Kathi

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Some of the teeniest baby steps in life fall from the wings of angel blessings. I'm so sorry this was such a tough day for you and I'm even more sorry that you didn't have your daughter here on her birthday. I'm glad you found some peace today.

Hugs to you...Janine

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I'm glad you were able to find peace today. Warm wishes to you and your family.


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Comfort and Joy all in the same day. That is a rare combination. It looks like an angel found you and sprinkled you with holiday spirit. Congratulations on a true milestone and such a beautiful day. What a wonderful way to remember your daughters birthday.


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I'm so happy that God sent you an angel named Stephanie to help you on this tough day. I'm truly happy you were able to have the miracle of joy.

Merry Christmas!


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Hugggggs Kathi!! There are more angels walking on this planet, or showing up when we least expect them. They are everywhere! And you have a fabulous experience with angels today. I'm so happy your day ended up being a happy one with peace and comfort!



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Hi Kathi,

Stephanie knows what's in your heart. I do not believe the young lady with the same name was a coincidence. She was there to help you and allow you to gain comfort. God sends us the most unlikely angels....


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It sounds as though it was a very emotional day for ya'll...Im glad ya'll got to experience it. It is funny how He can take you to places for special reasons and do the things He does so well why you are there. Im sure it was in a sense a gift to know that you will someday be again together and she smiles on you every day for you perserverance, strength, and attitude through all of this knowing that she watches your every move, and shes sitting in His lap while she watches. She is in good hands.....Now enjoy your Christmas and the reason for it..God Bless ya sweetheart......

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Like I needed another reason to cry! Sounds like you were truly blessed and were visited by an angel. Enjoy Christmas

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Hi Kathi,

Hugs to you on this day with so much meaning.


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This post totally made me shed both tears of pain and happiness. You always seem to be able to conquer the bad days and turn them around. I will try to always remember your advice and stories to use when I really need them. Stephanie was right there with you. December 12 is also my birthday!


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I have been so caught up in my own miseries this week that I missed this. Your story is very uplifting for me. I truly believe in Angels, and that you were visited. My own Angel is making herself known now, so I KNOW I will come through all of this OK.

Many hugs and much love,


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I was having a particularly CRAPPY chemo day, laying and sleeping on the couch. I awoke with the distinct feeling of a presence next to me, holding and comforting me. There of course wasn't anybody there, but it was wonderful and helped with later icky days.

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when my mom was in the hospital last year at this time...I stayed with her there for 23 days. Little sleep, in shock with the news of her prognosis, desperate for anything to give me hope. After reading the book of joshua and falling asleep, I awoke in the middle of the night, felt like someone was in the room with me, peered across the room and there stood my paternal grandpa who died in 1997 clear as day. He had a VERY strong faith so it didn't surprise me. He was standing in the doorway grinning at me as if to say, it will all be ok and it felt as if I had been blanketed by peace and understanding. I didn't tell anyone about this until after my mom was out of the hospital. My mom was always my grandpa's favorite and whenever I get frustrated or am having trouble coping I reflect back to that moment. He is an angel.

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When my DD was 16, she had a car accident, alone on a country gravel road. It was cold and rainy (wreck was not her fault..long story) She swears her paternal Grandpa came and got her out of the car and wrapped a blanket around her. He died when she was 13. To this date (she's now 29) Grandpa appears when she needs him. She is his only grandchild. I believe....


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You are awesome.

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tears in my eyes reading this. As a former San Clemenet kid I spent many days at Disneyland and loved them. When I take my daughter there now it is so special...this post really touched me.

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Hi Kathi, so glad you had a nice day at Disneyland, having fun in memory of your daughter:)
I actually was a dancer in the Disneyland Christmas parade three years in a row while in high school (I lived in Anaheim Hills at the time)- fun memories, but it seems like a looong time ago!

Anyhow, I wanted to share my angel story with you and everyone. I definitely believe in angels, but my personal experience was in the year 2000. I was 7 months pregnant and had gone home for lunch from work one day (I was a teacher and my school was just blocks from my house). As I was getting out of the car, which was parked on the street in front of my house, two Rottweilers came charging after me barking, growling, and baring their teeth. I was terrified and, cradling my baby belly, ran to my front door. As I was fumbling trying to get my keys out of my purse then into the front door lock, one of the dogs leaped up in the air at me to attack. I shrieked out, "Jesus, help me!" while I huddled down with one hand over the back of my neck and the other trying to get the key in the door. I literally did not have time to get the key in, door open, and myself safely in the door before that dog would have been on me attacking me! As I got inside and slammed the door shut, I looked out the peep hole and saw the dog suspended in the air- I'm not kidding. It was as I watched then that the dog came down and started barking at the outside of the door, along with the other dog Although I never actually saw an angel, I believe 100% that God sent an angel to hold that dog up off me so I could get safely inside!

35 minutes later, when my too short of a lunch break was ending, I was scared to death to try to go out to my car again. I called my school and told them what happened & if I was late in getting back, that was why. I called animal control who said they'd be out to look for the dogs (I saw them sitting under a nearby bush when I got home that day and had to call animal control again to come look for them & I was later told they couldn't ever find them). It was kind of scary to go outside for a few days & I never did find out who owned the dogs- I saw them one more time, but that was it. Anyhow... I often think back on that story and my youngest daughter has definitely heard that story a few times of how God sent his angel(s) to save the both of us that day.


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Wow, Kathi! It sounds like your daughter is still with you. What a perfect way to celebrate her life...Disneyland! It's personally my favorite place on earth.

I agree with you about the snow. Up until last year i lived in Ramona (San Diego foothills), and last winter we got snow there. It was the first time in many decades, and it brought such a peace.

I'm so glad you were able to experience that on such a special day!

Many hugs!

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I love that place! I lived in southern CA back in the late 70s early 80s and used to trek up to Ramona as often as we could! It is just beautiful up there!

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" And the angels walk amongst us. "
God Bless Kathi


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