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I received news of prostate cancer Oct. 13. I am 54 and had a PSA of about 3 and Gleason of 3+3. My first question for the urologist is "How do I know the cancer hasn't already spread? He said that after 40 years experience no further testing would he recommend, it's a waste of money. I'm not super comfortable with that answer, as I'm also supposed to decide on a treatment path, but now I have to do it without all the info I need. My question is regarding this further testing. If I go for daVinci surgery, will the doc there order a scan of some kind at that point? Or should I insist on a test sooner from my urologist?


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    I'm no Doctor but more testing sounds like a good idea to me
    I was diagnosed four years ago, at age 50. My urologist did a CAT scan and a bone scan to make a judgement whether it may have spread. I next went to a second specialist, a radiation oncoligist, for a second opinion. He was concerned that my PSA had risen from 8.6 to 13.4 and ordered an MRI. Reviewing the result, he suspected that it had not spread. I had the surgery and have no detectable PSA after four years. Anyone with a PC diagnosis should want confirmation that it hasn't spread since surgery is not productive if it has spread. If it has not, then surgery has a chance of eliminating it from you body once and for all. That is why surgery is sometimes referred to as the "gold card".

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    Next Steps
    I agree with Peter's comments. I had this when 58 yrs. had bone scan, MRI, ekg etc. Found a specialist in Da Vinci. Dont skimp on preperation and knowledge. After surgery you get to wear a cathater for 10 days or so then you rely on the remaining valve in your baldder. Do the Kegel exercises (ask your spouse she'll know) You don't say where you are but there are lots of good specialists around with this surgery.
    Keep posting so we know how you did. jj
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    Consult Monday
    Peter and JJ thanks for the replies.I am in So Cal, and so I am going to see the doc from Loma Linda and discuss proton beam radiation on Monday, and then go see Dr. Kawachi at City of Hope (no date yet) and discuss daVinci robotic surgery. The stuff I see on the radiation looks really intriguing as for cancer "cure" and also great for impotence and incontinence. The book I read advocating protons is "You Can Survive Prostate Cancer and You don't Need Surgery To Do It" by Robert Marckini. Check Amazon books. I am truly tossed up either way for a treatment.
    My scores: PSA 2, Gleason 3+3, age 54. My feeling is that the urologist believes I'm encapsulated and therefore don't need further testing, also he is no longer involved in my treatment until post-procedure. Thus the Doc I choose for treatment will order whatever tests he deems appropriate, and I sure do want to know for myself. Meanwhile I've had the Lupron shot to buy 3 months of remission.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Rick