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Diet information

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I finished my chemo last June. Now, it's up to me to decide if I will undergo on surgical operation in my colon.Any advice?

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Could you give us a little more information? Are you saying that your primary tumor is still in your colon and you are contemplating a resection? What stage are you? What diet info are you wanting? I'm willing to help but I'm just not sure what the question is.



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I'm not sure what the question is here either... we will definitely need a whole lot more information before we could even begin to discuss what the pros and cons are of your options. What was the result of the chemo? Do you still have a tumour or more than one tumour? What stage was your cancer? What are your doctors suggesting... and why?

The subject line of your topic says Diet Information... are you asking for diet information or ?? Have you been given Diet Information with regards to your chemo or after?

Supply us with more information and we can open up the discussion :)



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