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Xeloda side effects

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I know side effects are diffrent from each person but how are they for someone over 80 years old? Its day 2 for treatment for my dad, rad/xeloda pills. I know they say 2 weeks for side effects but just wondering if age makes a diffrence. Thanks Tara for your reply!! Blessings to All

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I am not on the same treatment but what kind of side effects is your dad having? When I first started treatment I showed many side effects the first 3 days. They told me that although side effects are common i had too many too soon so they reduced my dosage. I was over medicated. They based my amount on age, weight and height, but I am very sensitive to medication. Maybe his dosage is too strong, after all the guidlines are just an average. Check with his doctor.

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My Dad has had only 3 rad. treatments so far and 5 days on Xeloda, so far No side effects. But my dad is not a complainer and we tell him to please tell us if he isnt feeling good. I know some people have very little side effects. he isnt on any other meds. His age 82 concerns us, the doctors feel he will do ok. Thanks for the replays Blessings To All!!

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I think about 2 weeks is right. I had 4 rounds of Xeloda (pills for 3 weeks on 1 week off) but started feeling the side effects....hand/foot syndrome probably around 2 weeks or maybe a little earlier. My side effects were sore hands and then the skin began to peel. Same with feet.

I'd see if he would start putting on Eucerin cream right now. You can get it at the drug store. Make sure it's the cream in a jar. Real thick. I would wear cotten gloves and footies to bed after I had put the cream on. You can also use Udder Cream. Some people like that as well as a Mary Kay products called Night Emolient (sp).

Good luck to your Dad. We'll be thinking of him


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Hi Nick,

I've already written you about possible side effects of xeloda. But, just for the record: I'm just coming up to the end of my first cycle. (Took 3 pills morning and 3 at night for 14 days, now I am on my week off). So far no hand-foot symptoms. I am aware that the skin on my hands feels a little "weird". My feet sometimes feel hot (the soles) but no also no visible skin issues. I'm putting on lotion regularly -- probably should be doing it more. Maybe it'll hit me later -- next cycle. But fingers crossed! Glad your Dad is doing so well so far. I know you will encourage him to let you or his docs/nurses know if/when he is having side effects, so they can help him address.

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Thanks for your reply. My dad is Nick and I am 1 of his daughters, he has 2 others and a son. I am 44 with 2 kids 10 and 12. I read your profile and saw you were close to my age. Did your cancer come back that you are still in treatment? I have many close friends my age who beat breast cancer. Its so scary how it effects all ages. My Mom died at 76 from breast cancer in 2001. She never went for Mamm. So it could of been prevented. We always get check, but now with my Dads rectum cancer we have to worry about this. I thought I could wait till Im 50 for a colon. test but I guess not. Keep me posted on how you are doing and Ill do the same. Best Wishes... Lisa

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