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Hi ladies, I was just curious if any of you had problems pryor to be dx with ovarian cancer with yeast or if any of you had taken many antibiotics over the years pryor to (maybe in excess) Just doing a little research.
I am sick of chemo.... I have been taking 2 years now with short break in Jan. 07. My body is so tired of it, and my doctor does not want to give me a break mainly because of my ca125 (which I don't have alot of faith in).
It was good to hear from Bonnie.
Prayers and Love, Jan

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Negative for me on yeast or antibiotics prior to dx. I too, am sick of the chemo since March, 2007 so I can share that with you. I do have hope of coming off for a rest at the end of Sept. Right now I am counting on that. Saundra

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Jan - do you mean yeast infections? I don't mean to be dumb but I had to ask before I give an answer.

I don't know how you have handled the chemo for so long - to me you are a true fighter and survivor. I could hardly handle the 6 months. Torture.

Hang in there - we are all here for you.

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