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Down To The Marrow

Catherine Ann Stone
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Catherine Stone had always been fearless until she was diagnosed with a truly wicked disease, non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.
Suddenly, she was wandering through a high tech world of PET Scans, spleen biopsies, and stem cell transplants, refusing to show anyone how terrified she was. The strength to overcome fear and fight her illness came from writing. Healthcare system adventures co-mingle with memories from the past that she believed might contain roadmaps to victory. Through this process of remembering and recording, Catherine completely forgot she was supposed to be conquering fear. Instead, through the typing of thousands of words she and fear made a wary peace. Down to the Marrow is a celebration of the richness that life offers. For better or worse, with strength, humor, and remembrance, the author reminds us all how the many minutes of our lives are connected and, if we trust this connection, it will hold us together through the most horrendous of times.

Bryant Park Press, Inc.