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THYCA Complimentary Low Iodine Cookbook

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An excellent low iodine cookbook, complete with basic guidelines, for those with thyroid cancer who will be undergoing radioactive iodine treatment.

The "LID" - low iodine diet - deprives your body of iodine, and is normally done for a period of 2 weeks prior, and 24-48 hours following radioactive iodine treatment doses. It is important to carefully adhere to the diet particularly for the 7 days prior to treatment.

The resulting low iodine dietary content ensures your body 'soaks up' as much of the radioactive iodine treatment as possible, in all 'thyroid like' tissues, including cancerous ones.

This free resource is yet another valuable contribution to us, provided by the folks at THYCA, located at www.thyca.org

Low Iodine Diet
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phone: See www.thyca.org