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Today My Life

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Paul Haller

You always know that the day will come that your life may be coming to end. For some it comes early, for some in mid life and hopefully for the rest of us when we are old and gray.
During the road of life we take risks, we do dumb things and we make choices because we think we are fearless, a superman of sorts and you only die when you are old. We spend much of our lives in the early years chasing the girls, then getting married and having a family, then years cultivating our careers so we can have the lifestyle that we have always dreamed of and along the way we forget about ourselves and the choices we made not to mention the damage these choices can do to you later in life. They say when you have a life changing situation the best thing is to write it down because you may want to share it with others so here we go.

Over and over we hear and read about all the bad things that can happen to us from alcohol, drugs and smoking. Do we listen? We all know the answer to that for we continue to do bad things to our body. I am just as guilty because I didn

Today My Life