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Personal Growth Through Crises

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Gene Burnell
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Gene is a five-time cancer survivor, but cancer is not the only life-changing experience that he and his family have faced. Between October, 1998 and November 2002, his home was destroyed in a flood; he battled cancer three times; his only brother died unexpectedly; his mother suffered a stroke and his father committed suicide. Gene has learned many valuable lessons and shares them with you. He believes that a crisis should be confronted with a positive attitude, knowing that you can experience significant personal growth from difficult times. These experiences have helped Gene to become a very empathetic person, one that is able to express his deepest feelings to his children and to close friends. Gene states "Many of us have done our young men a great disservice in teaching them that crying is a weakness. Being able to openly express your emotions is a strength, not a weakness".

Author website is www.publishedauthors.net/geneburnell.