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Change Thrivers: Your Resource Guide for Making Change Work

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Afsaneh Noori
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We all have to face change in our lives. When the aftermath of cancer treatment, numerous medical problems and life changes began to overwhelm me and I didn't know how to cope I was miraculously given yet another gift in the form of this workbook from my friend, fellow artist and now author Afsaneh Noori.

All I can say is "When the student is ready the teacher will come" I had promised Afsaneh that I'd review her new book for the magazine I write for. Then I put it aside.

I began experience symptoms of post traumatic stress from the medical trauma which had consumed my life for the past 3+ years and I sat contemplating what to do next...then I saw the book in my "to do" pile...and it has helped me begin this next chapter as a SURVIVOR. The exercises have allowed me to ask for the help I need, to look for a Cancer Survivor group or therapy and reflect upon my cancer experience and begin the changes necessary to begin living again.

This is a very user friendly self guided workbook to assist with change. No matter what YOUR change is..cancer, loss, grief, marriage, divorce, relocation...you name it. I think this book can help.

Book available at www.ChangeThrivers.com

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