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"Breast Cancer" For Dummies

Ronit Elk, Ph.D. and Monica Morrow, M.D.
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Everything you want to know about breast cancer explained fully, but in a way that's easy for anyone to understand. Find out about mammograms, biopsies and breast cancer, and exactly what to expect from each test and treatment you may have to undergo. In addition to all the medical information, this book included helpful suggestions for coping with your journey, what and how to the children, how to deal with insurance and money, and living your life after treatment, including resuming intimacy, deciding on your future and learning to live without fear. There's even a chapter for family and friends who are often unsure of what to do or say. Breast cancer survivors, women who have walked this path before, share their experiences, secrets and helpful hints for every stage of your journey, remininding you that you are not alone.

Wiley Publishing, Inc. , Indiannapolis, Indianna