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Matthew Cummings
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"Cancerboy" by Matthew Cummings is a story of courage, determination and hope. The book not only discusses the author's journey through his treatment of Hodgkin's Disease, but also allows him to tell his story of how a freak accident at the age of 11 left him disfigured but did not discourage him. Personal journal entries as well as his poetry help tell his story.

His journal entries show the struggles that chemotherapy patients face on a daily basis, the very things that healthy individuals take for granted. It was quite an eye opening look into a cancer patient's point of view.

His use of humor will make you laugh and cry as you read about the interesting life he has lead. As well as how his love of cycling helped him get through some of the most difficult times of his life.

As a practicing oncology nurse, I found the book to be an enlightening glimpse at the challenges that my patients face that I may not always be aware of. I like to believe that it has made me a better nurse for reading this book. "Cancerboy" is a definite worthwhile read not just for cancer survivors and patients in treatment but also for caregives and healthcare professionals who care for these amazingly courageous individuals every single day.

Sheryl Abrams RN, OCN

The book can be found at milestogopress.com as well as contact information about the author.

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