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edited March 2014 in Brain Cancer #1 step-mom was diagnosed with GBM on June 26, 2008. It started out that she was having a slight twitch. She had been through some highly stressful events in the past few years, (her father dying and MY father having been diagnosed in 10-07 with esophogeal cancer.) I must add that my father had successful surgery and is 6 months post-op with a clean pet scan! My step-mom went to a neurologist who diagnosed her with severe depression. This never really felt right to any of us considering her symptoms were getting progressively worse. She was unable to put on a pair of pants due to an imbalance and inability to use her left side. This all happened within about 1 week. After her diagnosis, she was started on temador and radiation. The tumors (4) are inoperable because they sit on the area that affects motor skills. She is 2 weeks into treatment and has made considerable progress. She is able to move the left side again and her mood is elevated. She is only 58 years old. Please tell me there is hope. As a note, the original neurologist was a joke. He tried to continue on her case and was asked to leave. He never did any physical tests on her. He just presumed he knew what was wrong after reading a textbook. Please use this experience of ours to make sure others get proper treatment.