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victor update thanks for asking

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I just finished my 6 weeks of chemo Erbitux Carboplatin and Taxol now i ve got a 2 week rest,
Next week they make my mask then 7 weeks of radiation plus chemo.
My giant lemonsized lymphnode seems to have shrunk a bit with the chemo .
I handled the chemo very well week 2 erbitux acne rash got bad but the antibacterial cream and pills they gave me kept it in check.
I got a couple sore spots in on sides of fingernails of hands.
I got to see my medical onc for 10 minutes after week 4 of chemo tried to ask him questions about if chemo or treatment ever gets adjusted like because im doing so well can they up the dose or not take the 2 weeks off before radiation
i didnt get much of an answer. I get the you wouldnt understand i aint got time for this look and answer.
But im used to it now they have picked their preferred method of treating me and good luck to me. It seems there is the what has been the standard treatment for head and neck of cisplain and 5fu and now im getting the erbitux which supposedly has less side effects which is why i think my onc's go with it they can choose it and then just see how you do and not have to deal with as many side effects. Sorry i just see and feel the total lack of interest in my onc's.
Maybe my radiation onc or techs will show a bit of interest in what they are doing.
Sorry for complaining im just scared because of radiation coming up and i really dont trust my surgical onc and i dont know how or if i can find someone else.
thanks Victor Brown

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Hello Victor. Glad to hear you're done with the induction chemo. I had ifosamide, taxol and cisplatin. The cisplatin gave me a couple of bad days but then you bounce back...sounds like you have done very well with the Erbitux. The radiation produced fatigue and diminished appetite but wasn't nearly as bad as what you hear. The adjuvant carboplatin botherd me some but you have already shown that you handle it well. I had no pain...talked the rad. onc. into taking almost nothing for it. The mask making was a breeze. I asked the techs if I had to (for whatever the reason) get off the table on my own. They said yes but turn to one side or the other so you don't hit the machine. They watch you all the time you're in treatment. I get the devil in me sometimes so one day I started moving one foot...they were on me in a split second. The rad. onc. met with me once a week and would answer any questions I had. I was very pleased with him. One day I showed up with a short length of green garden hose just barely showing above my shirt...told him the PEG tube was getting rotten...we both had a good laugh. Hope all goes well for you and all those having treatment. Rich

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Just when you think you are alone on the table they pop up on the intercom. I got bored as could be one day when the machine broke down mid treatment. As I lay there I got a cramp in my back and had to cross my legs at the ankle and all of a sudden I hear a voice from beyond reminding me that if I moved they would have to start all over, LOL. I didn't even realize I had done it!


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Hello Victor, No need to sweat the mask making...it's a piece of cake. I kept mine as a trophy for a victor(y) over cancer...you'll be able to do likewise. Rich

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