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Very strange looking stool

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I posted a couple of months ago and I remember someone commenting on odd looking stool - and about how their doctor had told them it was the tumor being passed.
Are any of you experiencing this?

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This would be a good question for your doctor.

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My stools became chunky and bloody during my first round of chemoradiation, and i was also told it could be chunks of the tumor coming out. I have heard from others that this does occur. I think it's real common for us with rectal cancer to have very odd looking stools!

I would mention it to your doctor just to be safe.

Many hugs,

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....and smelly....ewww....

Hugs, Kathi

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My Dad just finished his first round of chemo following the surgery. He is having stools with fresh blood. Is that common or normal?

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That's what I did. I had it intermittently and they usually tell me to wait and see if it persists for more than a day, if it does I had to report to the hospital. I never did have to though. Make sure your dad is well hydrated and has a balanced diet so he does not constipate. Good luck.

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krystle singer
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I keep no fewer than three different air freshener sprays in my bathroom alone. It is a wonder that my whole neighborhood hasn't complained to the Home Owners Association. I wear Depends and they do somewhat hold in the uhh..fragrance with gas releases. However, public restroom and the bathrooms of friends are another story. Maybe I just need a holster and "gun" belt so I can carry my air freshener around with me in case of emergency. Any other ideas?



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I have no recollection of that post! I don't remember chunky tumor coming out! I do know that after the chemorads, the tumor was totally smaller. During chemorads, i remember still having blood come out. Not as much as before the diagnosis, but the tumor was still there then, so it must still have been bleeding.

I have no idea what 'normal' stools look like because my brain is fried, and i haven't had a 'normal' bathroom experience in several years! It seems to freak the doctors out too much to talk to them about it. At least that's been my experience. As soon as you bring it up, they make a joke about it, and that's that!

Many hugs,

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