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No Operation untill June 30th

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Hi all my op was cancelled due to a good case of what flu I don't know. I do know that I hated having it cancelled because this stuff can be bad and travel else where when you are coughing and blowing your nose none stop. Well they gave me an azeptomiacian and a steroid shot because my throat was spasmiming or closing and choking me to death ,cough syrup that really didn't stop the cough,a breathing treatment the codiene in it put me to sleep so thats been it.I still have congestion that doesnt want to go away. Isn't there any kind of shot they can give you to break up the congestion. If I don't get better by the 30th I am looking at some real serious time waiting like the end of August.I send lots of prayers for everyone. Gods Speed itybitty1

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