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i have a husband with pancreatic cancer

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I am looking to speaking with other women whose husbands have pancreatic cancer. I am 51, my husband is 55 and we have a fourteen year old daughter. His tumor is inoperable.

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Lucy, I am very sorry. I am a breast cancer survivor and have no experience or anything specific to offer about pancreatic cancer, but cancer is cancer, and I know all of us here can relate to what you and your husband are going through on some level. Sorry I can't help you but I just wanted you to know that I care.

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AND...please feel free to email me here at csn if you care to talk further. I am also a caregiver (to my dad who is 87) and on that basis we might find a common ground.
God bless.

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Hi Lucy. I'm so sorry you have to go thru this. It's not pancreatic cancer in my situation, but my husband has Stage IIIc rectal cancer. He is 53, I am 46, and we have one daughter still at home who is 16. Maybe we can find some common ground and help each other. We have been dealing with his diagnosis since Christmas 2007. Its been a lot to deal with.
Warm regards, ~Melanie

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I posted this for someone else, but I saw your post and my heart went out to you as well...

I am sorry to hear about your news. My mother was diagnosed during the holidays (syptoms started during Thanksgiving). My father is a physician (internist) and told me and my siblings of the poor prognosis of the disease. For this reason, my father has spent many hours reviewing studies, other avenues, etc. My family decided to pursue an alternative treatment. We went to Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Issacs office and my mother has started her treatment. So far she is feeling great - no pain (her cancer is metastatic - is also in her liver.) I have even spoken to a Dr.Gonzalez's patient that survived metastatic colon cancer - after she was given a poor prognosis. I definitely see a positive change in my mom and would encourage you to read up on it. I come from a family of conventional doctors and for my dad to tell me that Dr. Gonzalez's results are the best he has seen - definitely peaked my interest in this.

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