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ca 125 stationary on the 4th &5 th chemo

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Good Day to All,

My wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer clear cell and staged 1c .Her ca 125 was 119 went down to 64 on her 3rd chemo

She had a complete hysterectomy and the doctors took out also her appendix and ommentum and both ovaries
She is right now scheduled for her last chemo this jun 13 .

We were hoping that maybe somebody could advice why her ca 125 on her fourth chemo it was 58.08 and on the fifth went up slightly to 58.38. now going into her last chemo we did another ca test and was surprised it is now 61.98.

We are trembling at the notion that her chemo is not taking effect and that the cancer cells are multiplying again.
Her doctor just tells us to wait and finish the chemo and do another ca test after a few weeks.

Does anybody here have any kind of info that can share with us. We are very nervous and hope that this is just a missed test or faulty test or something.

Appreciate any info anybody could share.

thanks and more power to the group


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Welcome to this discussion group Max. Basically, the CA 125 is a good marker for some (me) and not so good for others. That is the way I understand it. What chemo is your wife on? Taxol plus carboplatin? I am Stage IV papilliary carcinoma and have been on chemo since the end of March,2007. The CA stands for cancer antibodies and the reading may have something to do with how one's body produces this specific antibodies. That is why they say it is not a definitive test. At stage 1c, I wouldn't worry too much about it until I had to. (Hugs) Saundra

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Dear Saundra,
sad to hear that you are also sick of this sickness.
yes, she is usig taxol and carboplatin.
i am very thankful that you are willing to share with us your info .
thanks for your compassion and concern .
My wife and i will pray for you too.

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Welcome to this site Max. You will find great sources of information hear and everyone will be thinking of you and your wife and sending good thoughts your way.

I was diagnosed last July with Stage IIIC. My starting CA 125 was 1660 and after surgery and 1 dose of chemo 25 - lowest was 6, then a bump to 9. According to almost everything you read it is a great marker - but so many things can make it go up and down. Stress, an infection, etc, etc. Once I knew what the numbers meant though I remember praying every single time that it would be good news. I go in next week for my 2nd follow up appointment since being off chemo (Dec 29)and I have myself freaked out already. Just stay focused, have faith in your doctor and remember this is your wife's life we are talking about. Do not be afraid to ask every question you have and make decisions after hearing the answers. This thing called Ovarian is just plain scary. Hang in there and keep posting - I'll be thinking of you.


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Thanks Kris,i am happy to hear that your ca nos. went down to single digit .very wonderful and pray that it stays that way.
thanks for the info and your compassion.
will keep you updated and will always include you in our prayers.

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