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Friday Riddle / Teaser

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I think I found one that will actually be hard :)

RIDDLE: Hello there!

I am a living animal.
You may not see me with your eyes,
But though I'm very, very small,
I'm a tough nut for my size.

I do not fear the arid desert,
Nor the frigid cold and snow.
I can rest comfortably in the mountains high
Or in the ocean far below.

You may find me in the cold of space
Or by a pristine, little lake.
I may have gone thirsty for 100 years,
So give me a drink, for goodness sake!

If you find me, please say "hello,"
And a new friend you can make,
For you'll find I'm not as nasty
As my more ferocious namesake.

It's been a pleasure meeting you
And telling you about me.
Now that you have all the clues,
Please tell me, what can I be?

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Very tough. I had to google it.

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a spore?

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I can often be found by soaking a piece of moss in spring water.

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