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Pain in neck and jaws

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Well, I had my check-up with my voice doctor on Tuesday, and he said that my vocal chords look good and that we could go 6 months out now for follow-ups instead of three. I was thrilled at that. However, later in the day I saw a rhinologist because of all the sinus drainage. He did a scope and said that the sinuses look fine. He gave me a prescription for a nasal anihistamine to use for 2 months. I told him about the aching that I have in the jaws, the neck and how I feel like I have the mumps some time. He ordered a Cat-Scan of the laryngeal area. No word yet. I suppose this is good. I just can't figure out why it aches so. Somtimes it even goes into my ears. I am hoping to hear from the doctor this week. He didn't think that the nasal drainage and the aching had anything in common. Just wanted to keep all of you posted. Has anyone ever had the aching in the jaws, ears and neck? Thanks! Kelly

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Yes I had pain in my neck for a long time. Streching it to the sides and streching the surgery scars helps. I also get sharp pains in my neck where the nerves were damaged, the doctor said that is because they are regrowing. Changes in mucus thickness and quantity will happen over time as you heal from the radiation burns. I also had Lhermitte's sign (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lhermitte's_sign) which is where you feel a shock down your spine and into your buttocks when you bend your head forward. It has also cleared up over time.

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Thanks for the info on (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lhermitte's_sign).

I have this as well. I refered to it as a 'tugging sensation' running down my spine.

I also have a tingling that propagates down my arm to my fingers.

All this is supposedly due to 'radiculitis' of the nerves in the cervical area of the neck.

Most likely due to the radiation.

I didn't have any of this until about 6 months post-treatment.

I just wanted to make sure that this wasn't something that would worsen with time to the degree I would loose the use of my hand or legs.

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