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OK... it's official...We're locked into the 11/05-11/09 dates for ColonPalooza-6 (CPVI). We will be at the Handerly Hotel in beautiful downtown San Francisco, CA (http://www.handlery.com/sf/). Katie (USAKat) will call today and get us a block of 10 rooms. We should be able to grow that block if we get more interest, but the key to the good rate ($139/night - WOW!, that's a discount of almost $100 per night) is to book early. With that discount I don't know how long they'll honor the rate.

We have lots of fun activities in the works, too: Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz, China Town, Ghiradeli Square, Haight-Ashbury (be sure to wear a flower in your hair), and a day-long minibus trip (read "designated driver") to Napa/Sonoma to do some wine tasting/picnic operations. And, of course, if anyone else has any ideas - let's hear them! I went to Recruit Training here >25 years ago, so I didn't get out much (needless to say), so I'm sure there's LOTS more to do... maybe a football game (SF is on the road for Monday Night, but Oakland plays Carolina across the bridge at 1pm on Sunday - tickets run from $36 to $161)? Sadly, Kathi M will be spinning her dervish in Istanbul so she won't be able to dance on any bars for us.

So, just what is a ColonPalooza, you may ask? Here's the best answwer: http://www.colonpalooza.com/ (pictures are worth a thousand words)
It's all about SemiColons! In case you aren't familiar with the term: semi-colon (sI-mi-cO-lən), n., pl.- semi-colons. A person whose life has been affected by colorectal cancer, whether directly or by association with a loved one(s). Semi-colons are characterized by tenacity and eagerness to embrace life for all its good and bad aspects. THAT'S EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU!

Katie will put out a post with the contact info and discount code soon so be watching, and book early! Andy, we'll check on extending the discount rate - they're really nice folks there atthe Handerly so, hopefully, they'll hook you and Baby Lisa up!

OK... drop a note with any questions or SUGGESTIONS for something to do in San Francisco or the Bay Area between 11/05 and 11/09. Hope to see all of you there at CPIV! Gonna be a blast!

- SpongeBob

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Lisa Rose
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Thanks Bob and Katie for organizing and hosting CP-6, sounds like were going to have a great time!

Across the street from the hotel is a very nice little restaurant that serves breakfast.
Lefty O Douls ~ http://www.leftyodouls.biz/

One block from the hotel is a Irish Pub
Johnny Foley Irish House ~ http://www.johnnyfoleys.com/

Yes, I'm doing my homework



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Awesome,Bob and Katie! Thank you for making this all possible for us.

I am looking forward to reconnecting with "old" friends and making many "new" ones!



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Thanks, Guys!
I've been wondering for months about the dates. Now I can get my request in for time off at work. Sounds like a GREAT time! Cheryl

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I will be thinking good thoughts for you all!!! S.F. is one of my favorite destinations!!!

On my last getaway there, we flew so no car...we found a GREAT deal on a 3-day MUNI pass. This gets you unlimited use of the public transportation: Buses, rail cars....even the CABLE CARS....(yes, unlimited instead of $5 per ride). We used these passes alot....the buses are clean, and arrive frequently at all destinations in the city.

Fog City diner is another place to check out...cool!!!

Also, there is a bus tour to Muir Woods (giant redwoods)and Saucelito....it was great!

Hugs, Kathi

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Thanks to you and Katie for getting number 6 organized (can you believe this will be our 6th Palooza??).

I'll be booking a room for sure. I've been able to attend them all so far and need to keep my record intact!!!

I can't imagine the band being better at the Irish Pub then the one in Nashville was but it would be cool if it was!!!

Lisa P.

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Thanks Bob and Katie for organizing. I look forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new people as well.


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Hey Sponger,
You have been off the boards for a bit. Sorry to say that I won't be traveling to CP (again)! We will be visiting my daughter in Israel and, I hope, traveling to Greece, too.
A mini-palooza in Boston would be great, if you visit again?
Sorry to miss you all,

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