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(trumpet flourish)

Hello friends....

Who's this new person SpongeBob anyway???

OK... if you think I'm new, then you're the newbie... go back to year two or three of CSN!

Anyway, the wife (USAKAT) and I will be "hosting" ColonPalooza 6 in San Francisco. We'll be there in late October - exact dates TBD, but we're leaning toward 10/22-10/26 or 11/05-11/09. We managed to find an AWESOME hotel with a GREAT rate - Hotel Handlery in Union Square (on the cable car track and an easy ride to EVERYTHING worth seeing in Frisco! Check out the website). They have offered us a $139/night rate (plus tax keeps it about $150 a night) - good luck finding that in San Francisco!!

Check out some of the previous ColonPaloozas at http://www.colonpalooza.com They're a blast!

We need to lock into a date - and we're looking to get a head count on how many people who would be interested in attending. So.... if you're interested, SPEAK UP! Drop us a note here. At the end of next week USAKAT will lock us in and there will be no turning back. Now, here's the deal: we voted on San Francisco at the last ColonPalooza and it won, so you can't proffer any other place. If you do the work and find a better hotel and rate then that's on the table - but it HAS to be Frisco... You can't mess with the dates, either. One or the other. Sorry, but we voted at the last one - and you can vote for the next CP at the next CP! (but not if you're not there!)

Hope to see you there!


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Sounds like a lot of fun, but I don't have the funds for traveling across the country right now. I'll be looking forward to hearing about it!

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Hi SpongeBob,
I'm very interested, but I don't think it's likely I'll have any vacation time or money left by then. If there's any way, I'd try to come, but it's so unlikely at this point that I'd better not be in the official headcount. I'm just getting ready to go into six months worth of chemo and radiation and am thinking I'm not likely to have enough sick and vacation time to see me through it, let alone have anything remaining for actual vacation. Sigh. And I've always wanted to see San Francisco too. What an opportunity ... I'll be *really* sorry to miss it, but maybe I can at least enjoy it vicariously.

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I might be interested in coming. I am from San Francisco and my family still lives there. I don't need to worry about hotel accomodations. I would just like to know about the dates.


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Ahoy SB! Nice to hear from you. Was afraid you might be lost at sea. Definitely interested in coming. Either of those dates look fine, especially considering what the weather in Minnesota will be like at that time. Keep us posted. Dick

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Ahoy, Dick!!

Great to hear from you and fantastic to see you will be coming!

- SB

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10/22 would be ok....11/05 is the day we leave for Turkey....whirling dervishes and turkish coffee...mmmmmm!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Daughter -

Leavingfor Turkey? Come on... Surely you can get turkey... chicken... tuna salad... pastrami... whatever you want in San Francisco!

Turkish coffee? How about salmonish tea?

Gonna miss ya!

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Do you suppose they will let me dance with these guys???? (probably not, especially with my 'past')

They serve a mean turkey sandwich at Mels in S.F....think of me when you have one..lol!

Hugs, your loving daughter

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