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what kind of peg and port?

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getting it done next week i read about balloon type and another type dont know about port types.
I dont ever get to see or talk to my doctors so when i get a minute or two i have to be prepared my surgical oncologist is the one putting it in.
And if you want to know how meesed up my docs are the secretary called me this mornintg said they wanted to put in port and peg tommorrow my next medical oncologist appointment is in 2 weeks they havent even given me a start date.
So i tell them i cant do it tommorow ( long story) so then they call back and say next tues. so i say ok they say i have to meet with anestisiologist(sp) before so i say can it be next monday they say no that to close to get results back but yet they wanted to do it to me tommorrow!!

Any info insight or experience apreciated.
Thank you Victor Brown

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It sounds to me like you need to kind of take charge here!
1)YOU are the patient so they MUST talk to you when you need it.

2) There is NO bad question to ask your docs.

3) There is NEVER too many questions to ask, Keep asking until you are comfortable and at ease.

4) It is YOUR life on the line here and you will do far better (IMHO) in treatment and recovery if you understand completely what they are doing and why they are doing it.

5) Second opinions when you are not at ease with how you are being dealt with are ALWAYS a good idea.

Contact Cancer treatment centers of America, even if you do not get treated there (I did not) but they were more than willing to spend as much time as needed on the phone to explain what was happening to me.

Hope this helps,


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