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Dairy and Colorectal Cancer

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Hi Semi-colons!

Just read this little blurb and thought i would send it along.....

Does Childhood Dairy Intake Increase Later Cancer Risk?

Children who consume a high-dairy diet—equivalent to nearly 2 cups of milk per day—have almost three times the risk of developing colorectal cancer in adulthood compared with children who consume less than half a cup of milk per day, according to a new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. These findings held true after researchers adjusted for differences in meat, fruit, and vegetable intake, as well as socioeconomic status.

Van der Pols JC, Bain C, Gunnell D, Smith GD, Frobisher C, Martin RM. Childhood dairy intake and adult cancer risk: 65-y follow-up of the Boyd Orr cohort. Am J Clin Nutr. 2007;86:1722-1729.

Dairy is acidic and mucus forming which isn't the best for cancer healing.

But the dairy industry is always trying to promote so much milk drinking--especially to our kids. We may want to think twice, as colon cancer survivors, to buy into their marketing.....we can get better calcium from spinach or salmon!

peace, emily

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Hey Em,

Just curious, did the article mention any difference between dairy that came from steroids/growth hormones injected cows versus non-injected/healthy ones? Over the last few years I have learned I really have to analyze most articles about cancer risks since the media can distort so much depending on who side they are on. Regretfully it is mostly big businesses and not ours.

Send me the link on my email so I can check it out. I don't do much dairy anymore and other than as a kid didn't before my diagnosis but love learning about how to best avoid another cancer occurance.

As always, thanks for sharing!!!

Love, Lisa P.

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hey girl!!

That was the whole blurb--nothing mentioning the steroids/hormones etc.

My doc took me off dairy (except butter) 26 years ago (when I was 20), but being a cheesehead from Wisconsin, I grew up eating lots of dairy.....and prime rib and french fires and all the foods that can cause colon cancer.

will send the link anyway...

nice to see you on here. :-)

peace, emily

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hi em,
interesting article. as a kid i loved milk!!!
even today nothing like a big cold glass of milk.
but i will think twice from now on.
good to hear from you.
be well
never,ever give up

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Hey there Bruce!!!

Big hugs buddy!!!

Lisa P.

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I believe it. There have been other studies over the years about how much dairy is linked to many other illnesses too such as diabetes, and arthritis. I have heard of people with type II diabetes reversing their condition by dumping dairy from their diet. Howard Lyman says dairy is the number one most unhealthy aspect of the western diet. His list is very interesting. Complete opposite of what we've been taught. Dairy is worst followed by fish, chicken, then beef! He is a very interesting man.

Many hugs,

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The diabetes thing makes sense since dairy has sugar in it. I am not sure about the fish thing though, if that is true I guess I am screwed. I'll Google Howard Lyman and check it out.
The interesting thing about what Emily said is that "childhood dairy intake" increases cancer risk LATER on. That is quite fascinating. I don't think I consumed a large or inordinate quantity of milk as a child. Hmmm, but it is astounding that the research showed a 3x greater risk in those kids.
Susan H.

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Wow, my Mom always made me drink my milk growing up and with my kids I followed suit. Hope this is not true but I will think twice next time I reach for the milk jug. Thanks for the info.

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WHAT a conundrum! As aging women, we need calcium for strong bones, but dairy causes all sorts of things!!! I stopped dairy after chemo made me lactose intollerant. Interestingly, I have had marginally high cholesterol all of my adult life. After stopping milk/cheese, and cutting back on beef to 2 times a month, my numbers went down into normal range!!!

We are the only animal species that continues daily dairy intake after weaning as babies.

Again, the only thing to make sure of is keep up calcium intake...green leafy vegies, some nuts, supplements...osteoporosis is not good, either...

Hugs, Kathi

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