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its back

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well...biopsy didnt go so great...i guess my 35 rads were all for nuthin,appt at Mayo in 3 weeks to see whats next...sure wish the chat wasnt on the fritz here...could really use the support...wish me luck...

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Hey...had my surg 10/05, followed by MY 33 rads plus chemo...and after all of that, had a lobe removed from lung on jan 31 of this year...they can't tell if it is new or mets from head/neck cancer because it was too small (irony of ironies!)...still, much better than the alternative and as bad as it sometimes seems to be, there are good times around the corner if you will believe it and work to make it so!

Hope and humor, friend! And good luck too!

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soccerfreaks....i ve visited with you a couple times in chat and read your very well written page and i need to tell you that i have refered back to that page many times since i found CSN...you are an inspiration! and i only hope to go thru this all with one tenth the dignity and charisma that you have...thank you so very much for your kind words...the one positive thing i have to say is that i seem to be going in to this again in the spring...i think i might get thru this and have some canned goods to show for it...lol (see my page!)

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Sorry to hear that. There is a good chance they will get it all on the second try! Remember this: Cancer doesn't know who it's dealing with!


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Hi, I know it's tough to find out it is back or that there are mets. Don't lose hope. After a big and horrible surgery in 1987, I found out two years later the tumor was back and twice the size of the one that had been taken out. It is 2008 and I'm still around, with many tumors but I am able to enjoy life and things I do. My tumor is different from yours and it is very likely that you will not end up like me with so many tumors because my cancer is rare.

I think your rads must have helped, perhaps not as much as was expected, but at least reduced the size of the tumor. Yeah, I know, it sounds so dumb right now. Don't get discouraged, it is just a setback and you'll be able to fight it and win.

I saw your webpage and I saw you already have two big allies on your side. One is the cat, your gardening assistant (I have three of those although they are not experts in gardening, they are great company and make me laugh). The other ally is your garden because it can keep your mind busy and may not allow you to worry too much. Think of all you can plant, reap and then put in jars, etc. even if you cannot do it at this moment.

I hope all goes well and you will be in my prayers.

All the best!!

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This is the time when you need to really toughen up and truly believe that you can pull through. Anything that was done is not "all for nuthin"

When I finished my nine weeks of radiation 10 years ago, the cancer was still there. The thought of it being for naught never entered my mind and I truly believed it did something. Since it was still there, my thoughts were that it may at least curtailed growth. I was not going to let it conquer me.

It was about three years after my final treatment when I was given the good news. Keep a positive attitude and with our prayers, you too will come through.

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I have been out of pocket so, better late than never, but my two cents: As stated in the other posts you have to believe that the original treatments saved your life. Without them where would you be right now. Instead of being able to continue the fight against what is probably a greatly weakened foe, you would be in a much more drastic fight for your life. We've all heard the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"...........never truer for you than right now. You have survived one hell of a battle...........and unfortunately true, you have more to come. But you are better prepared than ever. I hope and pray that you continue to find the inner peace and inner strength that has served you so well thus far. You are in my prayers my friend............JK

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i know you must be totally devastated! i will keep you in my thoughts and pray that things will go better next time around. if you don't already know about it, there is another website that is much more active than this one and it has lots of support from people all over the world. www.oralcancerfoundation.org

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