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EC-Cancer Free since Aug 2006

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Dear William - I just wanted to update you on my husband. We sent emails back and forth quite sometime ago! It sounds like you are doing well - I am so glad! You are such an inspiration to All!

For all others,

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you fighting this awful cancer! I feel bad posting good news when so many of you are in the center of the struggle. I know the struggle, the fear and sadness this cancer causes. I do feel my husband was lucky to have caught it early and therefore, has had a good outcome. I guess I hope it can give some people some hope!

My husband had stage 1 EC with a tumor at the junction of the stomach. He had EMR (not surgery) and PDT in August of 2006 at Johns Hopkins (even though we live in California). He had his 1.5 year check up and is still cancer free. He has changed his diet and takes Zeolite (not sure if it does anything, but what the heck). He also stop drinking diet sodas. He drank about 6-8 a day.(not sure if it help, but what the heck)

His doctor says his esophagus is really clean and looks really good. The doctor said he really doesn't have to come back to be checked for a year, but to go by the book, we will do one more in 6 months, then go to a year.

We feel really blessed that we have had this outcome. I hope this gives someone out there some hope! I know my husband's EC was at an early stage and that is not usual. But the doctors are finding it earlier and earlier now!

My thoughts are with all of you! I read everyone's stories but I don't always find the words to respond, so I say a prayer for each and check in to see how you all are doing.

God Bless!


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