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First let me apologize for being AWOL for the past days... weeks... months...!

So, I am looking for some feedback for ColonPalooza 6. Pursuant to the CP by-laws, the attendees at the last CP voted on the venue for the next Palooza. We'll be in San Francisco on October 22-26. Katie (USAKAT for you newbies) and I will be "hosting" (even though we live in Charleston, SC!)

We've asked folks how much they would be willing to float for accommodations and it's looking like up to $150 per night max. We'll start talking to hotels and seeing what we can work for rate deals. Something that would be good for us to know going into these negotiations is how many people we can count on to attend. If you are 90%+ sure you will be attending, please drop us a note so that we can get a count. We won't lock-in more rooms than the number of people who reply. Usually hotels will extend a special rate to additional rooms for additional people who want to attend that sign-up before the rate end-date (usually a month or so before the event).

We're also looking at renting a bus (and DRIVER!) for a day trip to some wineries in Napa, but it would be good to know how many folks would be interested in the bus trip.

I'm heading back to sea in a couple weeks so the sooner you reply, the sooner I can get on this project (hint-hint! We'll start calling around next week and working deals with the hotels based on the responses we've received)

Hope to see you all there! It's going to be a BLAST!

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hey bob,
glad to hear from you, happy new year to you and kat. hoping to make cp6. will let you know soon.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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Ahoy, Bruce!

Good to hear from you, bro! Hope all is well and you're able to make SF.

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I really want to meet my semi-clon family, but until Colonpalooza is on the East Coast, I have to wait.

I don't fly :(

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All of the CPs with the exception of one have been east of the Mississippi so we figured it was time to head to the "left coast".

Maybe next time around - of course, if you want a vote on the next venue you have to be there!

Personally, I think DC with a side trip to visit your Congressman and Senator to discuss stem cell research and funding for the NIH/NCI might be a great venue!! And, that's just down the road from you, Nudg...

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Yes to attending and Yes to renting the bus.

Debbie & John

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Awesome, Debbie!!! Can't wait to see you and John again - you guys are a BLAST!

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Sorry I cannot be in the "90%+" group -- being so far away, I'm not able to make that commitment. But, I dream every year of making it so please keep me on the "keep posted" list. Sorry not to be able to join in on the hotel block thing but I will try my best to screech in!

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Sheesh, Tara... how much could a plane ticket from Hong Kong to San Francisco cost? I mean REALLY?!?!? Understand completely - and rest assured we'll all be thinking of you!

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I'm in and yes to renting the bus as well!

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Im still pretty new to the site, what exactly is Colonpalooza 6? I live in Cali so attending shouldnt be a problem but would like a little more info prior to commiting. Thx, Cheryl

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Cheryl -

I could try to explain it to you, but pictures are worth a thousand words - go to our website: http://www.colonpalooza.com and see for yourself!

It's an absolutely awesome experience where we semicolons get together, share some laughs (and a beer or two) and just enjoy being together in person.

Hope to see you there!

- SpongeBob

Anonymous user (not verified)

Ahoy yourself, Spongers. So, now you finally come to the West Coast, my state, WHEN WE NO LONGER LIVE THERE!!!!! Yup, we are happy residents of the beautiful state of Colorado...22 miles east of the Rockies...and love it. We'll be in California end of February (six month check for Bert who after four and a half years remains NED....Praise GOD) and again end of August so chances slim for being there again in October. Hope you are well and life is being good to you. Take care and Happy, Happy New Year. Love Monika

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Spent two years in the Army in that area and love San Francisco. I am making plans to go. Have to convince my wife yet. As far as the bus, it depends upon how early it leaves. We stay up late and aren't real early risers.


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Just flew in from Europe......(gag!)

Yes and yes....either my daughter or Hans, too.

Hugs, Kathi

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Checked out the website, looks like fun. Will most likely attend with hubby. Just a note, know a great travel agent (great deals and room rates) if interested.

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Count me in!! SF is only an hour from my house!

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Would really love to attend and meet all you wonderful people who helped me over the 3+ years my husband was fighting the battle and so will go in his memory..

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After the having such a great time at the last Palooza, and now that I know that this group is semi-normal, I would hate to miss COLONPALOOZA 6. Count us in on Napa too.
Don and Jo Ann

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Hi, Spongebob:

I don't visit this site as often as perhaps I ought for I am strangely able to consider my cancer a mere interruption of my series of cardiac hospitalizations, now long past, I hope. My bypass in May of '03 seems to have done the trick.

I was so surprised to see this announcement of a "colonpalooza" upcoming and that it will be in my home territory (I live in Hayward, just across the bay from S.F. and can see S.F. from my deck on a clear day). Good luck! Perhaps circumstances will allow me to include myself.


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