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Hodgkins disease survivor

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I was diagnosed with stage 11B with hodgkins in 1991. I was given a little over three months of radiation treatment in my neck and mantle. This past year I have severe hearing loss in my left ear, same side i was radiated on. My oncologist thinks it is a result from the treatment. Has anyone else had this problem?

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berean me having probs with lungs and back pain ,chest infections ,,30 year survivor ,feel like chatting.any time thanks ian

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HD 1981 (19 years old).  full mantle, splenectomy

my chest radiation only came up to just below the ears/chin line, so i dont beleive it has affecte my hearing.

i have had 2 other cancers (schwanoma definitely related, renal carcinoma questionable)

heart damage to aortic valve and arteries.  going to need valve replacement

thyroid nodules, on synthroid forever.  

weight gain, drug/alcohol addiction (cant blame that on cancer or treatment)...25 years in recovery



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Hey so I am two years cancer free. And I have had my power port out for over a year and I just still have terrible pains from where it was where sometimes I have to hold my chest because it hurts so bad. Has anyone experienced this. If you had is there some kind of medication that stops this because my oncologist said since I am active in sports to in can get worse. And it just ces to a point where I can't tolerate the pain anymore with breaking down sometimes. 

And I have Also experienced some nightmares and flashbacks from all of this and they said it is a slight case of PTSD . is there anything that helps those not come so much.?


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hi,hit wrong button ,i think chemo and radium effectts us as inderviduals,,i had hodgkins lymphoma ,neck,chest 30 years ago in august ,,always had a bad chest after treatments which have got worse over years now having muscle pain ,,heart burn ,stomach aches,back pain and joint pain ,last chest infection was unbearable ,had loads of tests and bloods and xrays ,seen oncoligist and had ct scan ,,,now being told i got treatment damage which i have never heard of any one else going through the same thanks mozza ,,kepp smiling


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