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bsrules(Sue) update

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Hullo all. Unfortunately I have sad news. For those of you who either have met or knew of Sue I have a message via Sue's friend Renee. Message reads;
quote--"Hi Ross and Jen

Sorry it has been to long since I have emailed. Sue is not doing good she found out on nov 14 that she has 2 weeks to a month to live. I had her down with me for the weekend of the 16th and she is doing alot of sleeping and hardly any eating. It is very hard to see her like this. I know she is scared and I don't know how to handle this. I am trying to be with her as much as I can. She is at her brothers now and will stay there. When I call she knows me but she is confused at times. I am hoping to see her this weekend after Thanksgiving. I know that she will be happy when she is with Bob again. I will email again with how she is doing.

Sorry to be bringing this sad news to you al. Jen and I are extremely sad to hear of Sue's current condition. It must be terrible for Renee.
I know you will all join us in praying for our dear friend.
Huggs to all, Ross and Jen

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Thank you for passing this news along, as much as I hate to hear it. Could you pass my prayers on to Sue for me. I also want to send prayers to Sue's friends who are taking her care on.
My husband has been home to watch over me. We're on pallitive care here. I get sponge baths from LNAs, visits from the nurse one day a week, and a visit from an MD. I don't know if you guys have anything like that down there. It might be worth a look.

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Mary, I want to tell you how amazing I think you are. You are an inspiration to me. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily...wishing you peace.
Mary Kay

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Oh, Ross....such sad news. But I will be praying for all....

How are you and Jen? Everything OK otherwise?

Please keep us posted on Sue...sigh...

Hugs, Kathi

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I'm so very sorry to hear this news! Sue was such a supporter of the "semi-colons". She will be in my thoughts and prayers. I just hate to hear that cancer is taking another life.

Thanks for the update.


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Hi Ross,
Thank You for the update on Sue. I will keep her in my thoughts.

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Hi Ross,
I am so saddened by your news. Sue and her family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers. After reading her posts for so long, it does not seem real to hear how she is doing now.
Hope you and Jen are well.
Mary Kay

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Sorry to hear this news. She and her family and friends will be in my prayers. God Bless and I hope you and your family are doing well.

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Thank you for sharing this news with us. I will keep Sue and her friends and family in my prayers.

God bless,


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I don't know Sue but my heart goes out to her and her family. Such sad news.....


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Thanks for the update. My heart goes out to Sue. She has already been through so much with Bob. She will be in my prayers.


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Thank you so much for all your replies. I will pass your messages on thru Renee and keep you updated.
Jen and I are fine here but very busy with the fire season upon us which will keep us busy for months to come. I also have a friend here who is suffering from lung and bone cancer which has metastesised to his brain. Sadly Mark is not expected to come out of the induced coma he is now in.
So many here who have cancer in my town, one lady only 2 houses from me. I hate this horrid disease!!
Bless you all for responding,
huggs, Ross and Jen

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Re my friend Mark;
Mark lost his battle yesterday morning, monday, 26th november. A sad day for Jen and I and all of Marks family and friends.
We are gratefull that his suffering is over and he will be in the arms of our other friends who have passed.

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Hi Ross and Jen, It has been so long since we heard from Sue that I feared things weren't going well. I'm glad for her that she has friends like Renee to support her. I will keep Sue in my prayers and I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. This disease sucks. Judy

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