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Caregiver X2

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Hello everyone. I've been on the ovarian cancer board for and about my wife for several months. She's in recurrence. We got her through some tough stuff early on and Sunday night we set up this organized group called Share the Care that some people in our area (Illinois) established. If anyone's interested I could forward information or a contact about that. It basically spreads obligations among volunteers. Like all of you, life has thrown a lot at little old me. I'm caregiver as well for my father as well who's a stroke victim. My mom passed away in November 2005 from cancer and a stroke. And recently I started a new job...and then my wife's cancer came back. And things haven't gone so well. My stressometer has almost broken the needle a couple times; anxiety, etc. I have a strong faith and am practical, but I'm praying that a couple things I've been pursuing turn out to be beneficial. Till then, I take care of her and him and pray.


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Oh, Chris....what a full plate you have!

I am a double cancer survivor, and have, like you, 2x caregiving responsibilities...both with my aging mom and my beau of 16 years who has progressing heart problems. I joke about being in more hospitals, between all of us, than the entire population of Los Angeles combined!

Please, please, please take time for YOU....you have a different perspective...you get told EVERYTHING by the doctors, and are looked upon to be the 'enforcer'...NOT FAIR! Example, my mom and I just went to her doctor. The discussion about her driving (she's a HORRIBLE driver...) came up....doc looked at me and said "She really should be tested by the DMV"....I said "She won't do it for me, she just bites my head off anytime I mention she should hang up her keys". Lesson learned....to save yourself, do NOT let these docs push the responsibility on YOU....

Hugs from a "been there/done that/still doing that".....I am sending up prayers for you all...

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi and sorry for the late post. I am a spouse of stage IV survivor with colon cancer/liver mets. I know about the stress! Be sure you take care of yourself and find ways of getting support for you too ! Keeping you in my prayers. Remember, all things are possible with God's help. God Bless

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