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3 years nonsurgical remission (NED) now

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Hi Everyone,

I have had my annual colonoscopy and semi-annual testing the last few weeks and am tickled pink (hi Lee) to still be dancing with that hunk NED (no evidence of disease). If you want to learn more about my 4 year journey fighting stage IV rectal cancer, read my personal web page here (I'll update it over the weekend). My oncologist was the most fun today ever and says he has no answers to any of my questions about why, how, or how long since we are now in "unchartered territory". I told him I didn't care what kind of territory I was in as long as NED was with me. He did tell one of the residences (it's a teaching hospital) that C squared helped me get to where I am today (chemo and carrots). I liked that and knew Emily would too.

I've been a little quiet lately just nervous about it all and will try to be more active again.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

Lisa P.

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whooo hoo Lisa..God bless you- you are certainly one of the chosen ones...celebrate and dance happlily naked.

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Great news you and that NED..I'm happy for you and have a good Thanksgiving also, Audrey.

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Congrats Lisa ! Great news and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season. God BLess

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I'm very happy for you Scouty!! Cheers to you and 3 years of NED that is certainly something to be grateful for.

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Glad you could join us Lisa! Good job. I knew you would be fine. Now you can enjoy your holidays without worry! Yea!
Take care,

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Great news, Lisa!


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Congrats in this long journey !!!

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Hi Lisa,
I'm so happy for you! I hope you're out celebrating! Your story is amazing.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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(((((((Lisa P)))))). Ron.

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Great news to hear Scouty, congratulations and happy Thanksgiving for you too.

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How is it said? Be careful what you wish for?

I have been hoping to find a way to communicate and educate on the subject of colorectal cancer. Along with CaringBridge, I have been writing on my own blogspot as well as Blog For a Cure. My hope was the more I wrote, the more the subject would be "Googled" and my journey would be read and the message spread. This is not just a disease of the old!!!

It worked! The Montel Williams show contacted me today. A producer from the show ran across my story and found it inspiring. After a bit of discussion, I was invited to share my story. What a gift! Dick and Eileen will be joining me and featured on the show as well. We head to New York next week for taping Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The show is focusing on leaving a legacy. Amazing, as that very subject has been weighing heavy and working on my emotions at a higher level as of late

I am fully aware that I am no different than any other cancer survivor fighting their own battle. I will not question why my blog caught the attention of the show. I do know I will do my best to represent all of us surviving and living with this daily.

Wish us luck! I'm looking forward to updating all of you upon our return.


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I HAVE been worried, dearheart...soooooo glad to hear everything is 'tip-top'.

Went for my 'yearly' with my hunk radio-oncologist...lol....he got all excited that he could feel my staples...ask me if I did my own internal exams....ok, TMI....

CONGRATS on the news!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Lisa,
I am tickled pink for you. You are very brave and I am so glad that C squared worked for you. Do the dance girlfriend!!!


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Hey Lisa congrats girl. I knew that the one holding the other up test in Nashville would bring you good results.
you have worked hard and have been an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work.

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Lisa, I'm so glad that the world will be keeping your beautiful smile for a while longer. Attitudes like yours keep us all upbeat. NED is the perfect partner!
I think I'll eat carrots tonight.
Jo Ann

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Congratulations Scouty! I hope to say the same thing one day. Your positive attitude is the best. It was good talking to you tonight. Take care and have a safe trip. Happy Thanksgiving.


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what great news!!!!!


Plan a big celebration. You are an inspiration for all.


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That's great Lisa. You and Emily have been great inspiration for the rest of us and give everyone else the hope of defeating the beast. We need more studies and publicity for alternative/complementary treatment.


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Great news, Lisa....congrats on reaching this milestone. This has been quite a journey for you, and being in uncharted territory with NED is a great place to be. Your onc sounds like quite the person...love the C squared! Keep up the good work, and enjoy the rest of your life, one day at a time. Happy, happy Thanksgiving, Judy

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Was your colon orange? HA! Mine was and the onc had a name for that.

I am so proud of you girlfriend!!!

Keep juicing! Bottoms up (so they say!)

peace, emily who is STILL juicing after 6 years dancing with NED!

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